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Android Phone Making Calls on Its Own – Try These Easy Fixes!!!

If you were here, You’ve probably looked through the phone logs on your smartphone and questioned when you took a certain call. Have individuals ever questioned why you rang them when you are 100 percent certain you didn’t? On occasion, you may not be holding the device when a call connects to someone on your mobile number. You’re probably worried and wondering why your phone starts making phone calls on its own at this stage. First, I simply want to let you know that We believe there aren’t any ghostly hauntings or otherworldly entities hanging about you. So now you may question Why is my android phone making calls on its own? Well, Let us find out about it in detail.

Why My Android Phone Making Calls on Its Own?

Your android cellphone may take and receive on its own, and before you realize it, a number of events have turned out the way you didn’t want them to. For instance, it might result in contacting the wrong numbers, using up all of your data, running up your cell cost, or even plain upsetting folks.

There are numerous explanations for why your smartphone can initiate calls on its own. Several of these have to do with the device, what you do, or even influence from the outside.

Butt Dialing

Butt dialing is a frequent practice that contributes significantly to your smartphone’s automatic call-making. Butt dialing is when you lay on your mobile, and it automatically dials addresses and places calls. This occurs when you put your device in your pocket and lie on it.

Be aware that other things than your skin might cause the displays of devices to become very reactive. Therefore, the panel will still be touched if you haven’t locked the device and pressed your smartphone on your butt. These taps will occasionally make up a phone call, and they’ll be unpredictable.

Somebody is Making Spoof Calls Employing your Number

Spoof calls are when a person or fraudster phones you from someone else’s number while pretending to be someone else. Therefore, fraudsters and others with various motives may attempt to fake calls using your contact information. In such circumstances, it’s possible that your device will start placing calls without your approval or knowledge.

Despite the rarity of these incidents, you might become a sufferer. Additionally, there are several ways for these people to obtain your phone number and make counterfeit conversations. If you are suspicious of any of this, you must quickly examine your smartphone and number and implement precautions.

Problems With Your Display

People enjoy the way smartphones function. Nevertheless, they are not without their difficulties, and this is among those. Your smartphone may dial numbers by itself if the touchscreen is malfunctioning.

A malfunctioning touchscreen may cause the device to respond to incorrect or absent inputs. When you push one component, it can detect something else that isn’t accessible. This might result in behaviors, perceptions, and phone calls on your device.

Your Smartphone has been Hacked

Countless individuals are becoming victims of the hacking situation. Someone might easily hijack your device, take control, and do tasks like making calls. Attackers can accomplish this in a variety of ways.

Hackers can send texts, utilize the web on your device, and much more. Your phone will consequently carry out actions that you did not order. However, each of these factors is based on how much accessibility they have had to your device. 


There are many different phone malware, which all lead to a broad range of issues. Some cellphone viruses may cause the device to make calls autonomously. This may seem unusual to you. However, it has been occurring to a lot of individuals.

It all relies on the kind of malware your device is infected with. Although when your smartphone is off, certain malware is so potent that they may still place calls. Additionally, sending texts and interacting with your device’s internet are possible outcomes.

The virus might have its roots in several places. Despite your knowing, the malware may have entered your smartphone.

How Do I Stop My Phone from Making Calls by Itself? 

You must first determine the cause of the automatic call-making on your phone before you can prevent it.

To know how to stop this kind of conduct, you must first identify its precise reason. Here are some short steps you may take to put a halt to it.

Update the Software on your Smartphone

Modern mobile devices resemble PCs in many ways. These kinds of problems frequently result from flaws in the software of it. Any maker who releases software upgrades does so to address bugs, and one such bug is Android initiating calls entirely by itself. 

Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring that the device you are utilizing has the most recent software. You may verify if you have an update possible to obtain by going to the settings section on your smartphone and selecting the choice to locate your device’s software.

Verify the Call Configuration

You may have turned on your device’s direct calling option. If this is the situation, bringing your smartphone up to your face will inadvertently place calls. Certainly, the direct calling option helps customers to shorten the duration they waste establishing phone calls, but it may also work against you in situations like these.

Reset your Smartphone

You may restore all the configurations to their factory defaults if you believe your smartphone is making calls on its own due to an error you cannot recall. There won’t be any additional data removed besides the preferences you previously selected from your device. However, we strongly advise you to preserve your material before performing a reset.

Reboot the Device in Safe Mode

You might reboot your smartphone in recovery mode to see if the problem is related to the installed software. Rebooting the device will assist you in determining whether the issue is brought on by a recent program or a saved document, even if this isn’t a solution to the current issue.

Hard Reset

Despite the fact that this isn’t the best circumstance if any of the aforementioned fixes help you get out of it, you need to hard reset your smartphone. You may erase all of the information on your smartphone by doing a hard reset.

Therefore, prior to doing any of it, ensure that you keep a copy of all. The smartphone will return to its initial condition after a hard reset, which is something the maker has disclosed. 

Whatsapp Making Calls by Itself, Why?

You can hardly go wrong with whatsapp; however, if you suspect these acts, there are some possible causes.

It’s possible that Google or Siri accidentally started a whatsapp phone connection or that you accidentally touched the phone while it was in your pouch. 

Or else your whatsapp could be hacked by someone. If you suspect your whatsapp is attacked by malware, you can delete the app and reinstall it. It will solve any problems, but back up your data before doing so.

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