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Are Drones Waterproof? Unraveling the Waterproofing Myth!

We are in an era of capturing, and one of the biggest achievements in this era is the drone. The reason why, the drone is designed to capture aerial footage, so it is really beneficial in most fields. Anyways, when you want to utilize a drone, you have to consider some factors, especially the weather. Since there is a subtle electronic mechanism in a drone, you need to use it carefully. Thus, it is vital to check whether your drone is waterproof or not. 

When it is raining, can I use my drone? Are drones waterproof? Today, we will be talking about the possibility of using a drone in wet conditions.

Can Drones Fly in the Rain?

If the drone can withstand exposure to water, it can fly in rain or snow without a problem. There are some waterproof drones that are specially designed for particular purposes like military service.

If you use a regular drone, you are advised not to fly your drain in the rain and high humidity because the drones come with venting holes, so the electronic components might expose to moisture. Then, there will be short circuits inside the drone. Accordingly, flying a drone in the rain can be harmful.

In addition, you should never try to use it underwater because they are designed for air travelling. In case your drone is fallen into the water, there will be damage to its propellers and battery.

Waterproof drones can be flown in the rain because there is a special frame to protect the electronic parts of the drone. Moreover, there are some drones that can handle the level of moisture depending on their application.

What is the Difference Between Water-resistant and Waterproof Drones?

If a drone is waterproof, it can handle heavy rain to some extent. Thus, waterproof drones are designed with a special frame that can seal the internal mechanism from excessive moisture. Mostly, these types of drones are used for special purposes like military services and so on.

On the other hand, some drones come with a water-resistant guarantee. It means that the drone can handle a little moisture. Indeed, all regular drones can be put in this category.

When a water-resistant drone comes into contact with moisture, it needs some after-care to work properly.

You should try to dry the drone as soon as you can. Until you completely dry the drone, you should not fly it again because there will be some sudden electrical shortages.

To determine whether your drone is waterproof or water-resistant, you need to go through the user manual or the manufacturer’s official website.

Are Drones Waterproof?

Some drones are waterproof, while others are not. Thus, if you hope to use a drone in the rain, you should choose one that is specifically created to be waterproof. Unfortunately, almost every consumer drone is not waterproof.

Waterproof drones can withstand water exposure. Therefore, they can be operated in wet conditions. You do not want to worry about its good quality.

Waterproof drones are designed with special features and conditions, unlike regular drones. For example, they come with sealed configurations so the water has no chance of entering and damaging the internal electronic parts.

The major component of waterproof drones is their motors. Those motors can keep functioning even though the drone is exposed to the water.

Another key component is the sealed battery compartment. It also helps to protect the drone from any damage from water.

But most waterproof drones have been designed to withstand rainy water; but they are not suitable for submerging in water.

What precautions should I take when flying a drone near water

What Precautions should I Take When Flying a Drone Near Water?

You should follow these essential tips when flying a drone near a water body.

  1. You should disable the Visual Positioning System (VPS) of your drone because the sensor will not work accurately when there is a reflective surface instead of a solid surface. So, disable that feature to take control, then keep a distance of at least 30 feet when you fly the drone.
  2. It would be better to plan your flight before flying the drone. Check whether your drone has flight path options, then chart a course. When you plan the flight, it is vital to avoid obstacles such as trees, rocks, etc. And it would be better to avoid electromagnetic interferences too.
  3. Make sure to keep the ‘Home’ point of your drone up-to-date. Although there is a lack of signal over the water bodies, the drone can return to the location where you are.
  4. You are encouraged to enable maximum flight distance then you can constantly operate the drone at its range. When you enable this feature, the drone will stay in your sight.

Is DJI Drone Rainproof?

The range of DJI Mavic can be flown in rain or snow; they have been designed to be rain-proof. When the drone is flying in the rain, its tiny joints and seams can be opened to water intrusion. Thus, the excess moisture has no chance to go inside.

DJI Mavic Pro comes with a rating of Ip43 which means the drone has the ability to withstand water. However, it would be better not to constantly expose your DJI drone to such weather conditions.

And other DJI models are not meant to be rain-proof, so their internal components can be damaged when moisture seeps through.

Can I Fly My DJI in Light Rain?

Yes, it is okay to fly your DJI drone in light rain if your model is DJI Mavic. Other models are not waterproof, so you should not fly them close to water bodies and during the rain.

You are advised to check whether your DJI model has a rating of Ip43 before buying. That particular rating implies the drone’s ability to fly in rain. The IP rating is mentioned in the manual of drones.

DJI is a leading manufacturer in the industry of quadcopters and aerial cameras. So, you can rely on them.

If your drone is accidentally exposed to water, you can put it in a big bag of rice overnight. And make sure to charge your drone meanwhile. If the rice can absorb all the water from the drone, it will work.

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