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Do ONN TVs have Bluetooth? (Cutting-Edge Features)

Do Onn TVs have Bluetooth? yes,Having Bluetooth functionality built into your Onn TV can open up a world of possibilities in the constantly developing world of television technology. Although wireless audio connections to speakers and headphones certainly represent a game-changer for home entertainment, there are other benefits as well. You can attach accessories like keyboards and game controllers to your Onn TV via Bluetooth, converting it into a multipurpose hub for work and play. Additionally, it enables smooth file transfers between your TV and other Bluetooth-enabled devices as well as the ability to mirror your smartphone screen on the TV for a larger-than-life watching experience. We’ll examine the numerous advantages and uses of Bluetooth on Onn TVs in this article.

Does Onn TV have Bluetooth?

The answer is yes. Bluetooth is a feature that Onn TVs have, and it significantly improves their functioning.

You may connect headphones, speakers, or soundbars to your Onn TV over Bluetooth to experience wireless audio without the inconvenience of cables. But the advantages go higher than that.

Bluetooth also makes it possible to connect wireless game controllers, giving gamers more freedom.

Additionally, you can easily share video from your smartphone or tablet, stream music from multiple devices to your Onn TV, and pair a Bluetooth speaker for improved sound quality that enhances your viewing experience.

Your Onn TV will be a useful addition to your home entertainment system because to this feature, which gives it an extra layer of simplicity and adaptability.

How To Know If Your ONN TV Has Bluetooth?

Check the product specs- Reviewing the manufacturer-provided product specifications is the simplest and first option. Check the TV’s features and specifications for any indications of Bluetooth compatibility. The packaging, the manufacturer’s website, or the TV’s product page frequently have this information.

Refer to the user guide- The user guide that comes with your Onn TV is yet another trustworthy source of information. You may read more about the features of the TV and how to use them in the manual. The connectivity section or a related category should contain a listing for Bluetooth functionality.

Look for Bluetooth terminology- When reading the specifications or the user guide, keep an eye out for words like ‘Bluetooth,’ ‘Bluetooth Smart’ (Bluetooth 4.0 or higher), or ‘Bluetooth LE’ (Low Energy). These words signify that your TV is compatible with Bluetooth.

How to Use Bluetooth On ONN TV?

  • Check for TV Compatibility – Start by confirming whether your Onn TV has built-in Bluetooth support. Check the TV’s user manual or specifications to determine if it comes with Bluetooth capabilities. If not, you’ll need an external Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Select a Bluetooth Transmitter – If your TV lacks built-in Bluetooth, choose a Bluetooth transmitter compatible with your TV’s audio outputs. Popular options include transmitters like Avantree’s Audikast, which can transmit to multiple devices simultaneously and supports low-latency audio. Ensure it matches the available audio outputs on your TV, which could include USB, optical, RCA, or 3.5mm AUX.
  • Connect and Power the Transmitter – Plug the Bluetooth transmitter into a power source or ensure it has a charged battery if it’s portable. Then, connect it to one of your TV’s audio output ports using the appropriate cable or adapter.
  • Pair your Bluetooth Devices – Place your Bluetooth headphones or speakers near the transmitter and activate the pairing mode on each device. The process to enter pairing mode varies by device, so consult their respective manuals for specific instructions.
  • Complete Pairing – Once your Bluetooth devices are in pairing mode, follow the transmitter’s instructions to complete the pairing process. This typically involves pressing a button or following on-screen prompts.
  • Enjoy Wireless Audio – After successful pairing, you can now enjoy wireless audio from your Onn TV through your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You may need to unplug the transmitter to revert to using your TV’s built-in speakers, depending on the audio output you used.

Is Onn TV Compatible With Bluetooth Speakers

Is Onn TV Compatible With Bluetooth Speakers?

The answer is yes. With the aid of a Bluetooth transmitter, Onn TVs can really work with Bluetooth speakers.

This external device turns your Onn TV into a Bluetooth-enabled device by connecting to the TV using a standard 3.5mm audio connection.

You may improve the audio quality of your TV by wirelessly connecting different audio accessories, like soundbars or Bluetooth speakers, using a Bluetooth transmitter.

This eliminates the need for physical cables while enabling you to enjoy your favorite entertainment with better sound quality.

Enjoy the ease of wireless audio by simply pairing the transmitter with your Bluetooth speakers and connecting the transmitter to the TV’s audio output.

How To Pair a Bluetooth Device To Your ONN Roku TV?

  • Your Roku remote’s Home button should be pressed.
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Remotes & devices’ from the Settings menu.
  • Select on ‘Smartphones & tablets.’
  • Simply select ‘Add a new smartphone or tablet.’

A pairing screen will appear on your Roku device. Now switch to your computer, tablet, or smartphone to finish the pairing procedure.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on by opening the Bluetooth settings on your computer or mobile device.

Your Roku device should be found by your Bluetooth device after a brief period of scanning for available devices.

To start the pairing process, choose your Roku device from the list of available devices.

Other Ways To Connect A Device To ONN Roku TV

Wireless Connection

  • You’ll need to know your wireless network name (SSID) and its password.
  • During the on-screen Guided Setup, select ‘Wireless’ as your connection type.
  • Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks.
  • Enter the password for your wireless network. You can choose ‘Show password’ to see what you’re typing.
  • Once you’ve entered the correct password, select ‘Connect.’ Your ONN Roku TV will then connect to your home network and the internet.
  • After a successful connection, your Roku TV will download and install any available software updates and then restart.

Wired Connection

  • For a wired connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect one end to the Ethernet port on your Roku TV and the other end to your router.
  • During the Guided Setup, choose ‘Wired’ as your connection type.
  • Your Roku TV will then connect to your network and the internet through the wired connection.
  • If you need to make changes to your network settings or connect later, you can access the Settings menu on your Roku TV and select ‘Network’ and ‘Set up connection.’ Follow similar steps as mentioned above.

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