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Does Dutch Bros Accept Apple Pay? Dutch Bros Payment Methods!

Compared to some of the well known coffee shop franchises, Dutch Bros offers a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Transactions at Dutch Bros might be quick and simple within a couple of seconds if Apple Pay is used. Does Dutch Bros Accept Apple Pay? You may use this article to learn about the payment options Dutch Bros accepts.

What is Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros operates a publicly traded drive through coffee franchise in the USA. It was started by Dane plus Travis Boersma and had its headquarters in Grants Pass, Oregon.

The organization’s company owned plus franchise stores are mostly found throughout the western part of the country, although it has made strides farther east, to Morristown, Tennessee.

Popular drive through coffee shop business Dutch Bros is rapidly growing. They provide a range of espresso based plus non coffee drinks to suit every preference.

The drive through coffee business Dutch Bros was established in Southern Oregon in 1992. They are now active in 11 states, but they’re rapidly growing. They prioritize rapidity, excellence, and customer service.

Customers who support Dutch Bros are incredibly devoted to them. Dutch Bros is noted for having a very welcoming staff and serving cocktails with unusual names that are hard to get by elsewhere. Espresso based beverages from Dutch Bros are particularly often consumed.

Does Dutch Bros Accept Apple Pay?

Dutch Bros accepts money, various payment methods, Dutch Bros cards with values, iOS Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Checkout, Venmo, as well as PayPal! Make sure to ask your neighborhood store if they embrace checks from individuals.

Apple Pay is recognized by Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros Coffee now accepts Apple Pay starting on August 11, 2022. In addition to all of the popular payment options, the business also takes Apple Pay on

They wish to provide their clients at their businesses with the most practical payment options.

Apple Pay allows you to make a payment for the beverage using your iPhone and the Apple Watch in a quick, straightforward, and secure manner.

To approve the payment, just place the gadget close to the contactless sensor at the point of sale and use Face ID or the fingerprint scanner. It’s that easy!

Use Apple Pay to speed up the checkout process the next time that you visit Dutch Bros. Additionally, you’ll feel good recognizing that you’re helping a local company.

The conclusion is that the answer is emphatically yes! Apple Pay is accepted at Dutch Bros. Go to Dutch Bros the next occasion you need a coffee fix! While you’re there, be sure to order something delectable from the menu!

How Can I Use Apple Pay at Dutch Bros?

The use of Apple Pay is the same everywhere, including Dutch Bros.

Ensure to add your debit or credit card into your wallet so it is prepared for transactions if you haven’t tried Apple Pay in any of the retains yet.

  • Bring all the items you wish to buy to the checkout desk.
  • To verify your real name, open the Apple iPhone and activate Face ID or Touch ID.
  • At the cashier’s window, choose the card you wish to use.
  • Each Dutch Bros. Coffee location will feature a contactless scanner that will scan for purchases and execute them immediately.

Make sure to take out the wallet while you are close to the checkout payments terminal. To rapidly activate the wallet and finish the transaction, your will subsequently need to touch the side button on the device twice.

Additionally, you are still able to ask all cashiers or keep representatives for assistance regarding the Apple Pay payment process.

Are there Any Other Payment Options at Dutch Bros?

Cash is now accepted at the Dutch Bros drive-thru. Dutch Bros, yet, ceased accepting cash payments in 2020 throughout the height of the coronavirus and began exclusively accepting credit/debit or gift certificates.

Now, though, you may place a purchase at Dutch Bros and easily pay with cash. It is important to remember that this varies on the exact Dutch Bros store from which you are buying. Customers may often pay with cash at most establishments.

Dutch Bros provides its clients with a range of payment alternatives in addition to cash. At Dutch Bros retail locations, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

The majority of Dutch Bros locations accept popular credit and debit cards, including Discover, Visa, American Express, as well as MasterCard.

Dutch Bros vouchers are a form of payment that can be utilized at all Dutch Bros locations that participate.

They accept cash, PayPal, and Venmo, as well as the previously listed payment options.

Does Dutch Bros Take Contactless Pay?

Does Dutch Bros Take Contactless Pay

Each Dutch Bros will feature a contactless reader that will scan for purchases and execute them instantly. So, Yes.

Dutch Bros. accepts a wide variety of well-liked contactless payment options.


You may purchase your preferred Dutch Bros espresso with your PayPal account during eligible Dutch Bros shops, online, and in apps.


You may now use Venmo for payment in addition to money or Apple Pay.

Samsung Payments

In addition to the other ways to pay on our list, Samsung Pay provides a great substitute for Apple Pay.

Pay Using Google

Google Pay functions similarly to Apple Pay as well as Samsung Payments at all US Dutch Bros locations.

Almost every business accepts credit cards as well as cash, as well as the more progressive and practical ones also accept Apple Pay as well as other smart smartphone payments. Finally, businesses that genuinely care about their client’s convenience, like Dutch Bros, are going to accept extra payment options, including PayPal as well as Venmo.

Does Dutch Bros Take Cash?

You are able to pay in cash up until the point at which your order is fulfilled.

When placing a purchase, consumers at Dutch Bros have the option of paying cash. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, they temporarily stopped accepting cash, but they have already resumed their practice. Yet, Dutch Bros locations have different payment methods.

As a result, it is risky going to a Dutch Bros shop without knowing anything about their payment practices.

Always look up the payment procedures of shops you intend on visiting in the Dutch Bros online or phone customer service to find out in advance.

At Dutch Bros., there are specific monetary regulations that must be followed. Cash with bills larger than a specific amount is not accepted at some Dutch Bros stores.

Customers purchasing with cash are asked to provide the precise amount of cash needed if the Dutch Bros branch you visited is running low on tiny notes.

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