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Eero Red Light of Death – Here’s How to Resolve It!

It’s never a good indication to see that menacing red light on your eero gadget. Your eero is no longer linked to the internet when you see the “eero red light of death,” as it is sometimes called. The red light can be caused by a variety of things, including unsecured wires and WiFi disturbance. We’ll go over the best troubleshooting techniques in this manual to get the eero back up. Discover the reasons for the Eero red light, along with how to cure it.

What Does the Red Light on My Eero Indicate?

The presence of a red light upon your Eero indicates an issue with the link to the internet. The red light might mean that your Eero is not working or that the supplier of your internet service is having trouble.

Popular wireless router Eero is significantly more affordable than others. This device, which differs from conventional routers in that it has many components, enables you to distribute your internet connections around your home.

When you’re unsure about what the red illumination on your Eero gadget means, it turns red whenever there isn’t a connection to the web. The Eero network WiFi’s red light shows that it is now offline and is unable to establish a connection to the internet.

The internet may be down, the ISP may be performing upkeep, or the cables that connect among the net node locations, modem, or ONT may be loose or broken.

What Causes Eero Red Light?

There are many various common reasons for Eero’s red light.

Connection Problems

There will be a red light on any eero device whenever it is having problems connecting to the web. Several things, such as problems relating to your modem or ISP, might be the cause of this.

The red light indicates that there may be a modem configuration issue, a modem signal issue, or an issue with the ISP’s network preventing the eero gadget from connecting to the web.

Hardware Problems

A red light could be shown if there are hardware problems with your Eero device. A faulty power supply, a broken internal component, or an issue with the wireless router itself are all potential reasons.

Upgrade Software

For optimal performance, Eero gadgets periodically update their operating system. It’s possible for the gadget to show a red light while updating. This is typical, and when the update is finished, the light should become blue.

Difficulty with Device Connection

A red light will appear on an Eero device if it is unable to communicate with any other Eero devices connected to the network. This is a red flag warning the device’s connection to the internet may be problematic. A poor signal, interference, or setup error are all potential causes of this issue.

How to Fix Eero Red Light of Death?

Look for Broken or Loose Wires

Check the cords to make sure they are secure in the openings and have not been damaged before beginning troubleshooting. While you’re at it, look for damage to the primary electrical plug and replace it if necessary. Additionally, periodically clean the ports with compressed air to get rid of debris and other things that typically block the ports and slow down the internet.

Reset the Power On your Eero Router

Unplug your Eero device to the main socket after turning it off. Replug the gadget into the outlet after waiting a few minutes.

Move the Eero Gadget to a New Position

Place the gadget at a minimum height of three to four feet on a firm surface. In order to avoid signal interference, make sure that no additional devices are close to your device.

Restart the Network as a Whole

Reset the Eero device’s power. The router plus modem should be unplugged from the main electrical socket. Then you should wait a moment before connecting them back in. Once both devices have started and stabilized, wait.

  • Delete the device as well as add it again.
  • You may uninstall a device by opening the Eero application and tapping on it.
  • Delete the “name of the device” Eero by tapping Advance.
  • In the bottom-left corner of the display, hit Remove the Network.
  • Click on the blue + symbol in the upper right corner of the display after opening the Eero app.
  • Select Add Eero Device under Eero gadgets to add or change.
  • To add the gadget, adhere to the directions in the application that comes with it.

Should the Eero Light Be White

Should the Eero Light Be White?

There is an LED status indicator on the exterior of every eero. The Eero’s light should always be pure white while everything is working properly unless you have switched it off.

  • No Light: Eero is powerless.
  • White LEDs blink as eero software connects to the world wide web.
  • The Bluetooth signal is blinking blue.
  • Solid Blue: Your eero is being configured by the eero application, which is linked to it.
  • Several Eeros have been found.
  • A USB-C power supply that has not been certified will blink yellow.
  • With a solid white background, eero is online.
  • Solid Red indicates that eero is not online.

Eero Red Light After Update

For optimal performance, Eero devices continually update their operating system. It’s possible for the gadget to show a red light while updating.

Do not be concerned if you recently upgraded your Eero and suddenly notice a red light! This is typical and shows that the Eero you have is operating as it should.

The red light will turn on once the Eero firmware is updated. The red signal will automatically disappear when the update is fully deployed.

A red light following a firmware update on an Eero device might mean that the upgrade failed. Unplug the appliance from the electrical source, wait a few moments, and finally plug it in again to see if that will restart it.

Try wiping the Eero gadget clean from the manufacturer. After you reset the gadget, wait a while to check whether the red light disappears and if the internet is accessible.

Does Eero have a Night Light?

The bottom half of the eero beacon houses a nighttime light. Two lights are built within the beacon; the little front light indicates the fact that the beacon is functioning correctly. When it’s functioning properly, this front light seems to be a constant white color.

However, the nightlight is positioned at the bottom and may be switched off using an app. The purpose of the eero beacon’s nightlight is to display the connection of the hardware. Mentioning that you may get in touch with the eero customer service staff if the nightlight fails to remain steady.

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