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Geeni cameras won’t scan the QR code: Camera Setup Hurdle

With all the modern advancements that have transferred the world into another realm of foreign concepts that have added new requirements to the typical mundane life, security has become a mandatory service in need. Thus many security cameras serve as the guardian angels of the assets of the modern, sophisticated mundane. Geeni cameras serve its customers with their optimal features while being an affordable security camera option. Nonetheless, some of their customers have complained that the Geeni cameras won’t scan the QR code, which will be addressed in this article.

What Causes The Geeni Camera Not To Scan The QR Code?

As we mentioned in the introduction, many of the Geeni customers have complained that they could not connect the Geeni cameras and experience the full-on service as the Geeni camera are not scanning the QR code. Thus these complaints must have solid reasons behind them and solid causes behind the camera not scanning the QR code. Therefore it is vital to comprehend those causes, which we will discuss in this section.

  • The screen you have the OR code on might be too dark, blocking the camera from scanning it, as it will be hard to capture the QR code.
  • You might be trying to scan the QR code at the wrong angle holding the camera in a faulty way.
  • If your camera has a dirty lens that has not been cleaned since the purchase or if the lenses are cracked, it is most likely that the camera won’t scan the QR code.
  • Wrong timing could also cause this problem. Therefore, act quickly when the phone and camera are paired.

All these reasons might cause the camera not to scan the QR code. Moreover, if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable, you might face this problem with the scanning, which will restrict the authority over some camera features.

How To Fix The Geeni Camera That Won’t Scan The QR Code?

Now that we have discovered the reason and causes behind this issue, we will examine how to solve this issue in this segment. Thus we invite you to pay attention even to the tiniest detail we have given here and to follow the guidelines precisely.

  • Now as the first step of solving this issue, you could start by cleaning all the lenses of your camera and phone. The less debris and dust on the lenses will make solving this issue easier. You could use a microfiber towel to do this procedure as they do not leave scratch marks.
  • Now moving on to the scanning, ensure you have paired the two devices together before initializing the scanning procedure. The paired positions of the camera will be indicated by a flashing red light which you should be looking out for.
  • Then ensure you capture the QR code from the right angle within the precise distance between the two devices.
  • Moreover, turn off any extra lighting features you have abled, like dark mode or blue light filtering, which can interfere with the QR scanning process.
  • Another poi not to consider is to scan the QR code when it is on a bigger screen. Thus you could take a screenshot of the QR code, input it into another TV, and use it to scan the QR code.
  • Furthermore, consider updating the Geeni software as well. Thus outdated software will not make the procedure much easier either.

If following these guidelines does not make it work, there are solutions that you could go to connect the Geeni cameras without the QR codes, which will be discussed later in the article. Such an option can be named the “easy setup mode”, which will allow you to sign up to the Geeni account by connecting to the app to let you have the login credentials. Thus ensure that you stick with us until the very end to learn how to enter through the “easy setup mode” as well.

Can You Connect The Geeni Camera Without The QR Code?

We now have to acknowledge the possible reasons behind the Geeni cameras that do not scan the QR codes accurately and on time. Thus far, we have also discussed the possible and potential solutions for the issue. However, what can one do if the alterations do not work?

One may wonder whether there is a chance to work the cameras to their full optimal functionality without scanning the QR code. Thence has the fortune of announcing an option to connect the Geeni app without the QR code, called “easy setup mode”, which will be discussed next in the article.

Can You Connect The Geeni Camera Without The QR Code?

How To Set Up A Geeni Camera Without A QR Code?

Once you purchase Geeni smart camera products, they will leave you two options to connect your cameras to your Geeni app.

The two methods are,

  • Utilization of a QR code to connect to the Geeni app.
  • Projecting into the “easy setup mode.”

The easy setup mode

In this setup, you won’t need to scan a QR code to enter the app; instead, you could follow the guidelines below to connect.

First, make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network on which the cameras are on too.

Then enter the Geeni app, and you will notice the default QR option we discussed as the first thing. However, if you pay close attention, you will notice the “selection option” in the top right corner of the screen. Tap into it and choose the “easy setup mode“, and continue agreeing or disagreeing with the queries the app will send you.

To transform to this mode, you will have to go through the process below.

Once you open the Geenie app

Press the “+” icon and add your device>> Choose the device type>> Select the Wi-Fi>> Create a password>> Select “Easy mode” >> Confirmation.

Can I Use The Geeni Camera Without Wi-Fi?

Utilizing the Geeni camera is a plus point for the customer depending on its durability, amazing features and affordable market price. However, the real question remains the same. Can one use the cameras without access to Wi-Fi? Well, the answer is yes.

The cameras will still act normally, yet you will not be able to control or enjoy the features of the cameras as much as they will not be accessible without Wi-Fi. Thus you cannot record the footage and view them online. However, as every camera has an internal SD card, the footage will be stored inside the SD card.

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