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How to Add a Gift Card to PayPal? Simple Steps!!!

PayPal is an online payment option available for online purchases and sales. PayPal has more than 360 million users from 200 countries actively transacting online. Unlike other companies’ debit and credit card transactions, it helps you pay or receive money in your bank account. You cannot use PayPal with all kinds of stores, only from participating stores. PayPal gift card, on the other hand, is a digital card or e-card acting as an alternative to paper cards. The PayPal gift card is available as prepaid cards in many stores like supermarkets, dollar stores, gas stations, etc. How do I add a gift card to PayPal?

Can I Add a Gift Card to My PayPal Account?

Yes, you can. If you already have an active PayPal account, a prepaid gift card can be added. You can add it to your PayPal just like how you add a debit or credit card to a PayPal account. But the prepaid gift card chosen should have sufficient balance to cover the total amount to be paid. It does not require any complicated procedures. It’s an easy-to-handle task. You can only add the gift card if the store uses PayPal. 

 A PayPal gift card can be added even without an account. All you need to do is add the information for the card just as you add data with a debit or credit card when you check out. You can add the shipping or your home address as the billing address. Make sure to choose a gift card for which you have enough balance to cover.

How to Add a Gift Card to PayPal? 

You can use gift cards from credit card companies when using PayPal gift cards. It does not include gift cards from retail stores. This includes visa cards, master cards, discover, and American Express.

Let’s see how to add a gift card on PayPal.

When adding a gift card to your PayPal account, log in to the account first. Then click on the wallet option in your PayPal account. Now, click on the option ‘link a debit or credit card’ and click the option ‘link a card manually’ only when you prefer to link the card manually or link the card through a bank.

Then enter the relevant information in the prepaid gift card into the form displayed. And click on the ‘link card’ option.

After completing the steps, the prepaid gift card will be included in your PayPal as a payment method. If it shows any error, or you can’t use the card, as it lacks personal identifiers, the instructions are provided on the card to register it.

 A fee is also charged when transferring money from the visa gift card to the PayPal account. 

How to Confirm a Prepaid Card on PayPal? 

To confirm a prepaid card on PayPal is to prove that your card is valid.

  1. Go to your PayPal and to the wallet option.
  2. Click on the prepaid card you want to confirm.
  3. Click on the ‘confirm card’ link. If this option does not appear, your card will be automatically approved.
  4. Review all the necessary information and, finally, click ok. 

PayPal will charge you $1.95 when confirming the card. A four-digit code and the charges will appear in your card statement within 2 to 3 days. In case you make a request for the code more than one time, you will be charged more than once.

Can you Use a Prepaid Card on PayPal to Send Money? 

Yes, absolutely. Prepaid gift cards can be used as an alternate option instead of money. You can use Paysend as an alternate to send money from your prepaid card to a bank account or to another card. For this, you can either download the Paysend App or go online. On the App, click on ‘send money.’ Then select the recipient’s country. Type in the details of the recipient and the details of the prepaid card. Finally, click send. And the money will be sent.

Can I Transfer the Gift Card to PayPal to My Bank Account?

Yes, you can transfer. You need to add the gift card to the PayPal account. Follow the steps to add the gift card to the PayPal account mentioned above. Afterward, you can use the following steps to add the gift card to your bank account, and when the gift card is linked to PayPal, You can transfer the money to the account necessary when the card is linked to the PayPal system. After logging in to the PayPal account, click on the option ‘wallet,’ then click on the option a card or bank account.’ Next, enter your gift card number, security code, and expiry date, and finally, click on ‘link card.’

How to Transfer the Visa Gift Card Balance to PayPal? 

You can get Visa gift cards for free. And you can purchase the cards only in the participant stores. Gift cards are electronically uploaded with a certain amount, letting you send them to someone else. 

Let’s see how to transfer a visa card balance to PayPal.

To transfer the balance, link the visa card to the PayPal account. To forward:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on the option ‘link a debit or credit card’ in the wallet of your PayPal account.
  3. Select ‘link a card manually.’
  4. Enter the relevant information from the card, like the security number, expiry, and card number.
  5. Select the ‘link card’ option.

You can add the visa gift card balance to your PayPal account when the card is linked successfully. Next, select the option ‘add money to your account’ and choose the gift card as the money you want. This can be used for PayPal payments.


In conclusion, PayPal members often use gift cards to purchase, make transfers, and offer money or gift vouchers to others. Read the terms and conditions provided in the gift card offers to know whether they can be redeemed when necessary. Because PayPal does not control where or how these digital gift cards can be saved and used. Usually, a redeemed card will be added to the following online transaction or purchase automatically. And when you receive emails to activate a gift card, you need to do it within 30 days from the date it was sent to you.

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