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How to Change Tumblr Cursor? (Step By Step Guide)

It’s always a good idea to make your page’s layout out of what you like most. Here is a guide on how to Change Tumblr Cursor in case you use Tumblr as well as are interested in using a different cursor.

You are going to get to learn more about the Tumblr cursor’s features in this piece. Further, you’re going to be able to identify how to modify the cursor’s appearance and apply special effects to it. Additionally, we’ll give you remedial techniques.

Congratulations, you currently have a unique mouse pointer on your blog website if it succeeds!

What is a Tumblr Cursor?

On the display of a laptop television, a cursor indicates the location where a person can type text. The user operates the cursor, which is a visible, movable pointer, using a mouse, touchpad, or other similar input devices, like a trackball.

The machine redraws the pointer at the new position whenever the user changes the cursor.

In order to pick certain items or words on the screen, cursors are frequently used for highlighting them. With the help of input devices like mice, touchpads, as well as trackballs, customers can manipulate cursors.

Menus, icons, and windows are just a few of the user interface components that can be selected and activated using the cursor.

How to Find Tumblr Cursors?, which offers more than 10,000 free cursors to personalize your Tumblr website, brings you Tumblr Cursors! They have simple to follow directions and are totally free! Both adorable and moving cursors are available.

You also advise visiting the site at to modify the mouse on Tumblr. The site offers lessons, freebies, and themes for making your Tumblr interesting.

Cursors Come in Four Major Categories

  • If text can be entered is marked with text entry cursors.
  • The location of the mouse tip is shown by pointing cursors.
  • Text and other objects can be selected using selection cursors.
  • The machine is occupied with information processing when the cursor is active.

Different Kinds of Cursors are Available

  • Days off and events.
  • TV shows and movies.
  • Unique requests.

Customized cursors are definable.

How to Change the Tumblr Cursor?

  • Check out
  • Go into the menu now and select a category to see if you can locate the desired cursor there.
  • Search using the cursors on the document until you locate the one you want to post on your website.
  • You can download and discover information about cursors by clicking which cursor and scrolling down.
  • Select the “Tumblr” option.
  • There are currently 3 ways to insert the cursor into your Tumblr site.
  • In the area next to Option, paste the HTML code.
  • To modify your Tumblr blog website, select the “Customize” button in the upper right corner.
  • Copy the code, then put it in your description area.
  • On your website, select “Save” at the very top.
  • DONE!

Visit your Tumblr homepage to see which cursor has changed to the stylish cursor you previously selected!

  • You might also give a different approach a shot.
  • Visit Choccopanda’s Tumblr page.
  • Press Cursors.
  • A pointer with available choices and the codes will then be displayed.
  • Pick a pointer from those that are offered.
  • Click the code-containing window.
  • Then duplicate the numbers.
  • Once the codes have been copied, open you’re Tumblr, click on customize, and select edit html.
  • The HTML window, and paste. before /body>, duplicate.
  • After that, press the back arrow after selecting Update Preview and Saving.

Follow these remedial suggestions if you’re still experiencing problems.

  • Check to see if you already have a customized pointer.
  • Do not change the pointer sizes.
  • Make sure that the picture url is correct and that you didn’t inadvertently alter the code.
  • If style> is required, make careful to include /style>.

How to Add Special Effects to Your Tumblr Cursor?

Enter “#sparkle cursor” into the Search box, hit “Enter,” and then browse through posts on various Tumblr sites for the free sparkly pointer code. Select the access code for the sparkle pointer you like, then hit “Ctrl-C” to grab it.

Free glitter cursors are also to be found on websites like and Snazzyspace, as well as, which specializes in Tumblr, social media, and website customization.

Locate where you placed the code. Go to the section titled Appearance, then click the large button which reads Edit Theme, which is located under the user’s profile symbol in the upper right. Thereafter, select “Advanced options” after scrolling all the way down.

How to Add Special Effects to Your Tumblr Cursor

A box with the text “add custom css” ought to exist. Add the text, then save the document.

With the URLs in hand, modify the Tumblr layout and insert Javascript into the HTML. When you select the “Edit HTML” option, Tumblr shows you an image of your blog’s structure in the second pane, along with the HTML code that represents your blog’s style.

How to Create Your Own Tumblr Cursor?

  • Find an image.
  • This image needs a transparent backdrop.
  • The image is editable.
  • Choose the arrow now.
  • You can use any sticker you want as an arrow; simply go to the sticker area.
  • Modify the hue if you like.
  • Returning to “Basic Edits,” pick “Resize.”
  • Modify the dimensions to “50 x…”
  • Save your work.
  • Post it on your site.
  • Go to your Tumblr Dashboard.
  • Add a fresh Text Post.
  • Make a cursor prototype and publish it.
  • Go to the drafts folder in which you stored your text post right now.
  • Hold the arrow over the picture, then click the menu and choose “Copy Image URL.”
  • Go to this address in a separate window:
  • Then choose “Shorten URL” after pasting your copied link into the empty field.
  • Put your code after the part that reads, “style type=”text/css”>.”
  • After clicking “Save,” you’ve completed the process.

How to Troubleshoot Cursor Issues on Tumblr?

  • If your Tumblr mouse is giving you trouble, consider using these tips.
  • Edit your biography if necessary. Look for some links on the internet that can be plugged into your settings to change the style of the cursor.
  • Select and duplicate the code if you want to use a specific pointer.
  • Make sure the text is visible above the head> tag.
  • Before saving, make sure to select update preview.
  • Attempt to remove all data from it. After that, rehydrate.
  • Visit any website that sells custom cursors, copy the cursor’s URL, and then replace it with cursor-image-URL.

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