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Enjoy ILML TV on Firestick: Simple Download Guide

ILML is also an Online TV streaming service with over 500 channels, and you might not want to miss downloading it on your Firestick after you hear the number of channels they offer. However, since ILML is not on demand as much as other online streaming services, most people are unaware of how it works. If you have a firestick stick and want to download ILML TV, this article about how to download ILML TV on Firestick can help you.

People have recently started shifting from traditional TV service providers to internet streaming devices. Online streaming is now leading the entertainment industry and is the primary source of entertainment for most. Firestick from Amazon is a similar device that allows downloading online service providers like, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime etc.

Make sure you stick to the article and keep reading the article till the end to find out more about ILML TV.

What is ILML TV?

For most, ILML TV is not a very familiar online Streaming service because it is not popular or on-demand as Netflix or Amazon prime. But they do offer a food service for streaming local and international channels on your Firestick device. Hence, if you are missing out on many channels from your previous cable Tv network provider, downloading ILML is a good solution.

ILML TV is a pay-per-view app that will only cost $20 per month, much less than what you pay for your cable TV connection. ILML gives access to over 500 channels, including sports, movies, etc. Since the rates are fair in ILML, it is considered a good investment compared to the rate you pay for other online streams.

What Channels are on ILML TV?

When we said over 500 channels, we were very serious about the number, and it exceeded your expectations. Because you will be able to find local and International channels streaming for only $20 a month. The list of the most popular  Channels you will find on ILML TV is below,

  1. ESPN2
  2. Cartoon Network.
  3. BBC
  4. FOX News
  5. Animal Planet
  6. NBC Sports
  7. MTV
  8. Disney plus
  9. Geographical channel
  10. FOX Business

What Channels are on ILML TV?

ILML TV Subscription

Another surprising fact is ILML TV  excludes the subscription fees and does not charge you for activation. Hence it is only the  $20 you will need per month, as previously stated, to access all channels. But, once ILML TV is subscribed, you will not find cancellations or contracts. Once the Subscription is activated, the ILML TV gives access to up to 3 devices.

How to Download and Install the Downloader App on Firestick?

Unlike other apps, you cannot download ILML directly on Play Store as it is a third-party application. Instead, you must download and install ILML TV through Firestick directly. Below are the first few steps to install the ILML app on Firestick.

  1. You must first ensure your internet connection is stable to download this helps to save you time.
  2. Turn on Firestick, log in to your account, and click on the search bar once you are on the Home screen.
  3. From the list, click on My Fire TV or Device.
  4. Select Developer Options on the screen.
  5. Next, you click unknown apps.

Once the first few steps are completed to install ILML TV, you must use the Downloader app or File Explorer to unlock the content and stream it on Firestick.

How to download ILML TV on Firestick using the downloader app?

The second step is downloading ILML TV using the Downloader app; keep following the steps.

  1. To complete the process, you must return to the Firestick Home screen and click on the search bar.
  2. Type “Downloader” on the search bar and click enter.
  3. Select a Downloader App from the search results. Selecting from the first few results will be preferable as it lists the most useful.
  4. Click on the result and download.
  5. After the Downloader app is installed, launch the app on Firestick.
  6. Open the downloader app, allowing access to your photos, video, storage and other media files.
  7. Click on settings, find Java script and toggle on to enable Javascript.
  8. Next, go back to the Firestick Home screen again, go to the search bar, type the official URL of ILML TV, or copy-paste the link. Click on How to install and activate So Player from the same screen.
  9. Next, click Install and wait for the apk to finish downloading.
  10. Now click done and open the app.

Instead of using the Downloader app, you can install ILML TV using File Explorer. Follow the above steps as instructed up to Installing unknown apps, and Use ES File Explorer on the search bar to download the app.

How to Set up and Use ILML TV on Firestick?

You finally have downloaded the ILML TV on your Firestick, but before you enjoy it, you need to set up ILML TV on your Firestick. The method is effortless, and you can complete the set-up with only a few steps in a few minutes.

  1. Turn on the Firestick device, log in to your account and open the home screen.
  2. Click on the search bar and type ILML TV and install the app.
  3. Open the app, create your account, inserting the email and a strong password.
  4. Verify the account and log in to your ILML TV using the username and password. Now the ILML TV is ready on your Firestick, and you can enjoy it anytime you want by paying $20 per month.


Since ILML TV is a third app, most people had the wrong idea it is illegal, but it is legal and can be used in every country as long you have a stable internet connection. ILML TV can also be used on Android, Apple, smart TV and Mac. But since ILML TV is less popular and unknown for, most to download a third-party app, it is unclear for most to download it.

Hence in the article, we have discussed how to download ILML TV on Firestick with the steps.

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