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How to Find Someone on Spotify? Connect With Music Lovers!

Spotify is one of the most widespread music streaming applications in the world so far. Thus, thousands and thousands of people come to follow his/her favorite artists, playlists, and friends daily. If you are new to Spotify, the major curiosity might be finding the person you want to follow on Spotify. The username is the key to finding someone on Spotify, but in case you do not know it, what can you do? So, let’s discuss all the methods of how to find someone on Spotify. All these methods are incredibly easy, so it will only take a couple of minutes.

Can you Find Someone on Spotify Without their Username? 

Finding a person on Spotify without knowing the username can be a little tricky because Spotify provides a special search term to give exact matches. But you can try the below-mentioned method. There is a chance to find the person you are looking for. Here we have to use the person’s real name to find the profile.

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. There is a search bar to search for the artists and playlists on Spotify. Place the cursor there and type the person’s name.
  3. Then you will see all the search results and the filter buttons such as ‘Playlists,’ ‘Songs,’ ‘Artists,’ etc. from those buttons; you should click on ‘Profiles.’
  4. Now you can see all the profiles, which include the name you typed. Scroll up/down to find the relevant person. Once you tap on the profile you want, you will see the ‘Follow’ button; tap on it.

But if he or she is on Spotify using another name, your attempt will be pointless. If you know the person personally, you can ask him or her to share the Spotify URI or link of his/her playlists.

How to Find Someone on Spotify Using their Username? 

If you know the username, the procedure is quite easy. Follow the below steps so you can find the friend within a few seconds. The method is the same on Android, iOS devices, Windows pc, and the web player.  

  1. Open Spotify on your pc or phone.
  2. Then the above left-hand corner, you will see the search bar on your desktop. If you use the phone, you can find the search icon on the bottom panel in the second place. Type the relevant username of your friend correctly.
  3. After that, click on the ‘Enter’ button. Then all the search results will appear for the particular username. Now you can scroll down to find the relevant person who you were looking for. When you tap on his/her profile, the ‘Follow’ option will appear, so you can click on it to follow the person.

How to Find Someone on Spotify Using their Username

How to Find Someone on Spotify Through Facebook?

If you are wondering how to find your friends’ usernames, Facebook makes it very easy for you. You can find someone who is also your friend on Facebook. This method is used by most Spotify users since it is fast and easy. Follow these steps to connect your Facebook account to the Spotify application on your phone.

  1. First, open the Spotify app and go to the settings. After that, click on your profile.
  2. Next, you will see 3 dots above the corner on the right side; tap on it. now choose ‘Find Friends.’ There is a button to connect to the Facebook account; click on it and make the connection.  
  3. Then Spotify will show you your friends who are on Spotify too.

If you want to make the connection between these apps on your pc, you need to adhere to this method.

  1. Open Spotify on your pc or log in to the account through the browser.
  2. To go to ‘Preferences,’ tap on 3 dots which are located above the corner on the left side of the screen.
  3. Then a list will appear. Scroll down until you come across the option called ‘Find Friends.’
  4. After you tap on that button, you can log in using your Facebook account. It indicates that Spotify can see the friend list on your Facebook account.
  5. Now two applications have been connected. Then Spotify app will show you who has accounts on both apps from your friend list.

How to Follow Someone on Spotify? 

Following someone on Spotify will enable you to see their future activities on the application.

When there is something new on their accounts, such as new tracks or albums, you will be informed it by a Spotify notification. Moreover, you can know what others are listening to on this music platform.

As we guide you in the above sections, first, you should find the exact person. Then click on the ‘Follow’ button to follow him or her.

It is located underneath the user’s name. if you want to see their activities now, go to your ‘Activity Tab.’ If you do not want to get notifications, it is possible to turn off them. Accordingly, following someone on Spotify is so easy.

Spotify Premium comes with some cool features, such as group sessions. You can invite your friends to share music.

What to Do If you Can’t Find Someone on Spotify? 

You need to use the ‘Find Friends’ tool if you want to find friends through Facebook. Due to some errors, this tool may not work.

If you have to face such a problem, take these simple actions. If the ‘Find Friends’ option takes a long time to load or does not load, restart the app or re-login. And if you have not allowed Spotify to access the friend list on Facebook, the friend list will not appear on Spotify.  

In case you cannot find friends despite having tried all the above solutions, your friends might not be on Spotify. It is common to all situations; it does not matter whether you know his or her real name or username. And if someone has blocked you on Spotify, the profile will no longer be shown to you even if you type it on the search bar. Moreover, you will not be allowed to see their playlists and profile information.

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