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How to Get Verified on Snapchat? Boost Your Sanpchat Credibility!

If you are a snapchat freak, battling to keep your streaks consistent, and focused on increasing snapchat points, you would have dreamed about getting a gold star next to your name. A verified account is a dream for most because it makes your profile look professional and authentic and grabs attention. Snapchat verifications are useful for promoting a business, creating content, or being an influencer. Thus, if you want to verify your account on snapchat, this article is the right place for you. Because in this article, we have included how to get verified on snapchat with a step-by-step guide. Stick to the article and keep reading until the end if you want to learn more about snapchat verification.

What Does It Mean to Be Verified on Snapchat?

Though most snapchat users love to add a gold star next to their username, it is unclear what it means to be verified on snapchat. Snapchat verification is far more than making you look catchy and notable.

Before you know what snapchat verification is, go through the verified accounts on snapchat and find something in common. All the snapchat verified accounts you find would have authenticity in the identity and content. Thus, if you expect to get verified on snapchat, you must have a public profile used for businesses, organizations, or any institution.

How to Prepare for Snapchat Verification?

Before you randomly start applying for snapchat verification, it is vital to prepare your profile. Because getting accepted by snapchat requires following rules, and it can be challenging to get accepted if you do not follow the guidelines properly. Hence, follow the tips below and prepare your profile for snapchat verification.

  1. The account should be public.
  2. Create a large audience and must have 50,000 views for a snapchat story.
  3. Keep yourself active on the app to engage the audience well.
  4. Share quality and content that are useful for the audience.
  5. Abide the snapchat security policies when sharing pictures or videos.
  6. Interact and communicate with your followers to increase story views.

How to Prepare for Snapchat Verification

How to Apply for Snapchat Verification?

Once your profile is prepared for snapchat verification, you are just a few steps away from applying. If the application process is done properly, you are sure to get verified on snapchat. Keep reading and find out how to apply for snapchat verification below.

  1. Open the snapchat app and log into your account with the username and password.
  2. Click on your Bitmoji profile in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Once your profile is open, click on settings, which looks like a gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Please scroll down the list to the next screen and tap on I need help under support.
  5. Now select Contact us from the bottom of the screen.
  6. On the next screen, select My snapchat is not working option from the list.
  7. Select Other from the options.
  8. Scroll down to the end of the screen and click Yes under the question Need help with something. The option is at the bottom.
  9. Next, you are led to a page to insert your problem; click my problem is not listed.
  10. Once the above steps are completed, scroll down and enter the username, email, and mobile device details of the account you want to verify.
  11. On the same screen below, describe your issue in the box.
  12. Include the importance of verifying your snapchat account because other profiles are impersonating you. Add a description to justify your request, as your account has a large audience, and views per story it vital to secure your identity on snapchat.
  13. As a final step, add your National or Passport ID in the Attachment bar below. Your ID will prove your real identity and recognize you. Now the application process is over. It will have to wait 2 days and less than a week to get the confirmation from snapchat. Hence, after the application process, stay updated on the email you applied for snapchat verification.

What to Expect After Applying for Snapchat Verification?

After applying to verify your snapchat profile, your previous records and activity on Snapchat are monitored by the app authorities. If your activity or content aligns with Snapchat policies, rules, and regulations, snapchat will not verify your account. Since your records are being revised, there are also chances for your snapchat account to get restricted if you share offensive content.

But if you get verified on snapchat, there are a lot of benefits you can expect. Below are some of the advantages of getting your snapchat verified.

  1. You can add a lengthy bio and use up to 15o characters.
  2. You can customize the snapchat icon in your account.
  3. With snapchat verification, it gives you the ability to log in to your account on multiple devices.
  4. Boosts your profile and is exposed to a larger network where you can build more connections.
  5. Safeguards the contents in your profile and can be subjected to copyright infringement.
  6. The number of audiences is increasing, growing your popularity.

Tips for Maintaining Snapchat Verification?

Once you are verified on snapchat, that is not the end. There was a reason why snapchat verified your =r account; hence you must maintain your profile and keep up with the activity. It also helps you better than before to reach your content to a larger audience. Hence, follow the tips below to maintain your snapchat verified account.

  1. Build connections with influencers, celebrities, and public figures.
  2. Promote your snapchat content on other social media platforms.’
  3. Go live and share your daily activities because your audience might be curious about your real life.
  4. Create polls and have Q and A sessions, allowing your audience to communicate.
  5. Be more creative in your activity, and try your best to keep the audience engaged.


In the article, how to get verified on snapchat, we have given you the steps to verify your account from the base, from how to prepare your snapchat for verification. We have also included the tips you need to consider when applying and the benefits.

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