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How to Play Soundcloud on Alexa? Maximize Your Music Experience!

Many individuals appreciate SoundCloud and wish to listen to music wherever they are with an Amazon Echo in their house. Sadly, we are unable to accomplish this. The music streaming service SoundCloud is not officially supported by the Amazon Echo device. Alexa can still play SoundCloud, though, so it’s not a deal-breaker. How to play Soundcloud on Alexa?

You can learn more about SoundCloud in this post, including whether Alexa can play SoundCloud songs. If so, learn how to get Soundcloud playing on Alexa.

What is SoundCloud?

It is free to tune in to, create, and curate audio content on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is the first place to hear the newest music, with nearly 190 million songs and 20 million producers listening in 190 nations.

SoundCloud is available for free. However, paying memberships provide users access to offline listening as well as ad-free streaming. Both iOS and Android have mobile as well as desktop applications for SoundCloud.

Through its different sharing capabilities, SoundCloud’s social characteristics enable producers, from artists to podcasters, to communicate with users and fans. With an audio broadcast, individuals may also express their opinions at particular times.

Can You Play SoundCloud Music on Alexa?

Although it is not officially supported, Alexa speakers may be used as Bluetooth speakers for playing music. Another option is to obtain the code source for an existing Alexa ability template as well as apply it to any profile to build a new skill.

By connecting the handset to Alexa through Bluetooth as well as streaming SoundCloud on the handset, you can stream SoundCloud to the Alexa device you have with ease. In this manner, the Alexa gadget will serve as a straightforward Bluetooth speaker. You have two options for pairing with your mobile device: either through the Alexa application or directly.

How to Play Soundcloud on Alexa?

The secret is connecting the device to Alexa over Bluetooth instead of telling her to start playing music. All that’s left to do is open the Soundcloud application and start listening to anything you want. Since Alexa plus your mobile device are linked, Alexa keeps playing music.

Although the procedures for activating Bluetooth differ depending on the device, the remaining stages are consistent.

Get the gadget within 20 to 30 feet of the Amazon Echo’s Bluetooth connectivity.

Ask your Alexa device to turn off any Bluetooth accessories. Simply say, “Alexa, disconnect” if you’re using the standard wake term.

Your mobile device should be in pairing mode.

Following that, say “Alexa, pair” to activate pairing on the Echo. Typing “Searching” back should be Alexa’s response.

Returning to the Bluetooth interface on your mobile device, according to the version of your operating system, you ought to find your Echo listed beneath in the list. Selecting your Echo will add the device to the list of recognized devices.

The connection will then be confirmed by Alexa. Simply wait a little while for Alexa to tell you the name of your Echo when you can’t find it within the Bluetooth list.

Once your Echo and phone have been linked, you may connect to it whenever you want by asking your Echo, “Alexa, connect Bluetooth.” The link ought to occur immediately if Bluetooth is turned on and the cell phone is within range.

  • Access to Soundcloud material on a PC or laptop by utilizing the Alexa Speaker.
  • Initially, install the Alexa voice assistant for Windows.
  • Make an account, then log in after installing.
  • Go to the settings now.
  • You may see the model number that belongs to your Amazon Echo device here. Just hit it.
  • Choose Bluetooth from the screen’s options after that.
  • Choosing Pair new gadgets. There, click the name of the gadget you have.
  • On your PC or laptop, a notice will ask you to approve the device’s connection.
  • The two gadgets will now eventually link.
  • You may now listen to music on your machine. Visit Soundcloud as well as listen to the appropriate audio.

Can Alexa Play Music from App


Can Alexa Play Music from App?

To play media on an Alexa-compatible device, utilize the music application. You begin by using your app to play music.

The music among the application gets cast to the selected Alexa device once you choose one from the list of available devices.

Music that was previously being played through the application now begins to play on the device. Any material that was already playing on the gadget will be overwritten. Want to play music on all of those Alexa devices at once? No issues—Alexa Cast is compatible with Multi-Room Music.

You can use Pandora, Spotify, and numerous other streaming services to listen to the audio on your Echo device with the aid of Amazon’s personal advisor.

Can I Play YouTube on Alexa?

Yes, anyone can use the Alexa Echo Show to view YouTube. To begin with, make sure your gadget has the most recent update installed. Next, say, “Alexa, open YouTube” to instruct Alexa to do so on the speaker.

The smartphone web version will launch YouTube using a browser, usually the Silk browser. You can now use your Echo Show to look for and view any video you like. Additionally, you may give Alexa video commands.

You can ask Alexa to play something like “Alexa, playing Yellow from Coldplay on YouTube,” and it delivers. Easy!

What Free Music Can I Play on Alexa?

Your Echo Dot’s primary music player at first is Amazon Music, unlike what you might anticipate. You may leave the soundtrack there if you’re using a Prime membership since it won’t cost you anything more to utilize it.

Connect your Dot to the appropriate music provider as well as its supply of free music whenever you have no Prime Music or would rather utilize an alternative streaming provider. iHeartRadio, Pandora, plus TuneIn are just a few of the free services that already integrate with Alexa. Additionally, links to Apple Music’s as well as Spotify’s complimentary tiers are available.

What Music Apps does Alexa Support?

Several other music offerings, notably Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Vevo, as well as Global Player, can be linked when your Amazon Echo is configured. Before using any of the services via your Echo, you must first create an account with them.

Although the majority of these sites offer paid subscription choices, using your Echo device for playing music is free.

You continue to listen to the content to a certain extent if the product or service has a free tier. Vevo only offers music videos. Thus an Echo Show is required to access the site.

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