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How to Schedule Tweets on Mobile? Time-Saving Twitter Tips!!!

Twitter doesn’t give the feature to schedule tweets as we do on our desktops for our mobile devices. It doesn’t even matter what you’re OS is; iOS or Android. We could pretty much only tweet immediately or save the tweet to our draft. And if we are to schedule a date and time to tweet so we might reach our followers at a peak time of response, we will have to use other third-party apps.

And if you’re someone looking to learn ‘how to schedule tweets on mobile?’ this article is for you. Here we will walk you through how to schedule tweets, what the best practices are and also what the best time is to schedule tweets and how many of them we may schedule for a day.

Can you Schedule Tweets on Mobile Twitter?

We usually schedule tweets, especially for our business events and other updates, so we can reach our followers with content that is quite relevant and timely.

We do this because our followers have their own peak time they spend on Twitter, and us reaching them at this particular time is helpful to get the maximum reach and response for our tweets so they don’t miss it either. And unfortunately, we don’t have any scheduler built-in for Twitter mobile.

We will have to use other social media tools or other third-party apps for the purpose.

How Do I Schedule a Tweet Using Twitter’s Built-in Feature?

We have this Twitter Ad that lets us schedule our tweets for both promoted-only and organic tweets to go live on a specific time and date. And here is how we create a scheduled tweet.

  1. We will start by logging into And go to the creative tab. Then from there, navigate yourself to the ‘tweets’ tab.
  2. On the top right corner, click on ‘New Tweet’. From there, we will be directed to ‘tweet composer’ for us to create the tweet.
  3. After including all necessary copies, videos, cards and photos, choose the option ‘Promoted-only or Not. Here when you select ‘Promoted-only’, the tweet will be delivered only to the users who are targeted by the promotion campaign and not to all of our followers. And if we happen to unselect, the tweet will turn into an organic one.
  4. After you are done with the tweet, click on the down arrow button next to that tweet and choose the option Schedule from what we have in the drop-down menu.
  5. Now select the date and time the tweet needs to be scheduled to go live.

How Do I Schedule Tweets Using Third-party Apps Like Hoot Suite or Buffer?

We have so many third-party tools for scheduling tweets on our mobile because Twitter has a scheduler for desktop and laptop Twitter sites only. We mostly use Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, FutureTweets and Twuffer etc. And we will discuss how to use Hootsuite.

  1. First, log into the account on Hootsuite and click on the composer menu, which is at the top of the left-hand menu.
  2. And select the post you want to schedule and then choose an account from all your Twitter accounts that are connected to Hootsuite that you want to publish.
  3. And write in your tweet, including all the hashtags, mentions, links and media, and click on the grey button that says ‘schedule for later’.
  4. Now using the ‘best time to publish feature’, schedule the date and time you want the post to go live. They will guide you with the best time according to your Twitter performance and engagement. Once the time and date are set, click on ‘schedule’. And the tweet will go live at the set date and time.

How Do I Manage and Edit Scheduled Tweets?

If you’re looking to manage, view, edit, delete or add and remove the scheduled tweet from campaigns, use the following steps we give below;

  1. As the first step, log in to And go to the ‘creative’ tab and navigate yourself to their ‘tweets’ tab. At this, we can view and also create scheduled promoted-only and organic tweets.
  2. And if you’re looking to view the scheduled tweets toggle on the drop-down that says ‘promoted-only tweets’ and change that to ‘scheduled tweets’. When we go to this option, we can edit and delete all of our scheduled tweets.
  3. If you are looking to edit your scheduled tweets, at the lower left corner of the tab, click on the option ‘edit’. Using this option, we could edit the tweet, its delivery, the scheduling and promotion details. After the editing is complete, simply click on ‘update scheduled Tweet’ and save the changes.
  4. To delete our scheduled tweet, click on those three dots available at the top-right corner of our tweet and click on the option ‘delete’ from their drop-down menu.
  5. For campaigns, if you’re planning to remove or add any of your scheduled tweets, click on the check box available next to the tweet and then on the ‘add to campaigns’. After that, select ‘Save’ or ‘Remove’ the tweet you would want to remove or save.

What are the Best Practices for Scheduling Tweets on Mobile?

One way to make the scheduled tweet look its best is to add a caption along with the scheduled tweet. And don’t forget to add a GIF, an image, and videos to the text so it will help your tweet stand out.

Also, use a condensed link like the Bitly or shorter URLs, so it doesn’t take up unnecessary cluttered spaces. Add other hashtags, too, so you can boost your impression by letting the right people have a look at your tweets.

Try experimenting with the scheduled date and time. So you know, what exactly is the best time for your tweets to reach your target audience, different Twitter accounts have followers checking posts from different time zones. Also, try re-sharing the posts among the times your top performers are identified.

What is the Best Time to Schedule Tweets?

According to research on the best time observed, We can see that the tweets sent at times between 2 to 3 in the morning earn the most engagement. And the highest rate of engagement reported is between the times 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., so make sure you don’t schedule to post on Twitter between the peak work hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And according to your time zone and country, to find out the best time for scheduling tweets, use third-party tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

How Many Tweets Can you Schedule Per Day?

Twitter is letting its users tweet around 2400 posts a day. And when scheduling, different third-party apps allow for different schedule limits. For example, the Buffer app allows a person to schedule and draft around 2000 tweets in a day. And social Champ is another tool that lets us schedule around 300 tweets per day.

Why Don’t I Have a Schedule Tweet Button?

We don’t have the schedule tweet feature available on Twitter because we haven’t opened a business account, or they have not made the option available on mobile Twitter.

If you happen to have ‘Natively’ on the desktop version of the Twitter app, tweets can be scheduled. Otherwise, we will have to use some other third-party apps, such as Buffer, to schedule a date and time to post.

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