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How to Unlock Galaxy S4 T Mobile? Simple Steps!!!

Smartphones were made accessible at a price that was significantly lower in comparison to the device’s real cost, thanks to corporate marketing tactics. Many individuals wouldn’t have a problem paying for a smartphone, but the complicated business rules and regulations are the real problem. When that happens, opening a phone is useful. How to Unlock Galaxy S4 T Mobile?

The quickest and safest way to permanently activate your Samsung Galaxy S4 T Mobile is to use this technique, which is also very simple. After every firmware upgrade, your gadget remains unlocked.

What is Phone Unlocking?

Customers can switch their mobile phone from a single carrier to another suitable network by unlocking it.

When a user connects their cell phone through a machine and launches a short computer scheme, they can unlock their phone using a relatively easy program called “patch.” The technology is simple, user-friendly, and very fast for patching onto a cellphone.

Due to the limitations enforced by locked cell phones, numerous individuals favor open gadgets.

The Ability to Choose

First off, you are not constrained to the cell phones that your provider stocks or offers for sale. Additionally, you have more options when it comes to where you can purchase your phone.

Activate the Dual-Sim Capability

You can simultaneously connect to two separate carriers when using a pair of SIM phones.

When Traveling, Changing SIM Cards

You are able to switch to the native carrier’s prepaid SIM if your mobile is unlocked. By doing this, you can avoid using free WIFI and porting messages and applications to an impermanent mobile.

Is your Phone Eligible to be Unlocked?

If you would like to find out if you qualify for gadget unlocking, please adhere to the instructions below. 

  • T-Mobile needs to be the seller of the smartphone.
  • It is forbidden to record the device as taken away, lost, or banned.
  • The login information linked to the gadget needs to be current.
  • Additionally, the device needs to meet all Postpaid as well as Prepaid activation criteria.

Is your Phone Eligible to be Unlocked

Postpaid Programs

  • On the number that requested line, the gadget had to have been connected to the T-Mobile system for a minimum of 40 days.
  • If the gadget was purchased outright or financed via T-Mobile, all obligations to make payments need to be met.
  • The current balance of the account has to be zero if the gadget is linked to an address that has been canceled.

Prepaid Programs

  • The gadget has to have been enabled via the T Mobile system at least one year ago.
  • The Prepaid address linked to the gadget must have received more than $100 within refills on every live line over the time since the device’s activation if that activation occurred within the last 365 days. A further requirement is that the device’s buy must have been made in excess of fourteen days ago.
  • Per line of assistance, less than two mobile device activation were successful in the previous year.

How to Unlock Galaxy S4 T Mobile?

  • Check to see if the gadget qualifies for unlocking even though you didn’t receive a notice regarding it.
  • When you are logged in, go to the Accounts tab of your T-Mobile profile and select your line.
  • If you want to find out if the gadget has been locked or opened, select Check gadget unlock state.
  • You can see if your smartphone can be unlocked according to the gadget’s image. For a summary of prerequisites, refer to the Device Unlock Policy.
  • Ensure that you are using Wi-Fi or the T-Mobile system.
  • To access your app’s schedule, swipe up from your home page.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Then select Connections.
  • Select Additional Connection Settings.
  • Then select Network Unlock.
  • When the gadget has finished unlocking, select Permanent Unlock.
  • Restart the apparatus.

Use that as a different approach.

  • Make the secret contact call.
  • Open your phone’s keypad and type *#27663368378# without pressing the contact button. You are going to be taken directly to the ServiceMode option by phone. If typing *#27663368378# doesn’t have any effect on the device you have, attempt *#0011#.
  • In the drop-down menu, hit the Back key after pressing your device’s Menu icon.
  • Once more, click the Menu switch, but instead, select key Input.
  • Type 1 and click OK.
  • Choosing Debug Screen.
  • Six choices are presented to you within the Debug Screen. Choose 6 for PHONE CONTROL.
  • Choose option 6 for NETWORK LOCK on the Cell Phone Control page.
  • You ought to have three choices on the following screen. Pick 3 to turn out Perso SHA256.
  • By pressing the Back key after selecting the Menu switch, you can now return to the Main menu.
  • Choose 6 from the UMTS MAIN MENU under Common.
  • Click on 6 right away, NV REBUILD.
  • When a Golden Backup turns up via telephone, is going to let you know. Choose 4 to restore your backup.
  • It could require a few moments for your phone to reset itself at this point. You can use a single SIM card that is compatible with your phone type after turning the internet back on.

What to Do After Unlocking your Phone Galaxy S4 T Mobile?

When you “unlock,” by that, we typically mean “unlock the bootloader,” you gain access to parts of the manufacturer-provided software that were previously hidden and completely inaccessible.

They’re now simple to reach and edit however you want. In other words, you are able to view the application’s root folders after unlocking the bootloader, such as the main partition, the recovery, the division, etc. By you can change them however you want.

The major dangers and safety measures to be mindful of are listed below.

The Potential for Phone Damage

You run the risk of damaging or making your phone useless if you enter the incorrect unlock passcode or use a subpar unlocking technique.

Fraud Potential

It’s possible for some third-party hacking firms to be dishonest or to secure your phone using illegal means.

Chance of Interoperability Problems

When you remove the carrier lock from the mobile device, it might not function properly with some networks and services, particularly if you travel internationally.

Be Careful Not to Invalidate your Warranty

The warranty on the device may be voided if you unlock it through a provider, and you might not be able to get it fixed or replaced.

Take Care Not to Break your Deal

You might have to pay fines or costs if you activate your mobile device in a carrier prior to the conclusion of your deal.


Applying the special code our website has given on your phone will enable it to use. The actual procedure is as fast and easy as counting to three. Users frequently follow the instructions incorrectly, which leads to failure. As a result, before continuing, read the guide multiple times and attentively follow the instructions.

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