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How to Upload High Quality Reels on Instagram? Easy Ways!!!

Thousands of influencers upload stunning photos and videos on Instagram every day. But to your disappointment, you may have noticed that most photos and videos become blurry after uploading, not like others. If you are one of the people who face this issue, today’s discussion is for you! There is nothing to worry about; you can fix this case with a few clicks if you follow the below-mentioned instructions. So, keep reading to learn how to upload high quality reels on Instagram.

Why Uploading High Quality Reels on Instagram is Important? 

Instagram basically runs on the quality content of its users. So, it is vital to upload high quality reels on your Instagram account. If the photos and videos have not reached the standard quality, the result will be blurry reels. The requirements for video uploading on Instagram are as follows:

  • Aspect ratio – 1.91:1 – 9:16
  • Minimum frame rate – 30FPS
  • Minimum resolution – 720 pixels
  • Maximum file size – 650MB
  • Cover photo size – 420px by 654px (or 1:1.55 ration)

Apart from the above standard, you must follow the Instagram community guidelines; if not, your content might be reported by someone and permanently removed by the company.

How to Upload High Quality Reels on Instagram? 

  • Instagram introduced a ‘data saver’ feature for its users because the platform consumes a high amount of data. However, if you want to upload high quality reels, the first thing you have to do is turn off the data saver mode. So go to the menu on your Instagram account. Then tap on ‘Settings’> ‘Accounts’> ‘Cellular data.’ Next, you will see the toggle button to turn off ‘Data Saver.’
  • Next, you should apply the feature ‘Upload at highest quality’ on Instagram. The path starts from the ‘Settings’ in the menu. Then again, tap on ‘Accounts’> ‘Cellular data.’ After that, you will see the ‘Media upload quality’ option at the bottom; turn that toggle button on.
  • Then turn your reel into the recommended format, size, and dimension to achieve high quality. The format should be in MP4 format; the maximum size is 60s long, and the maximum dimensions are 1080px in width and 1920 px in height. Moreover, set the frame rate to 30 FPS and the aspect ratio to 9:16.
  • Then you can upload high-quality reels on Instagram but make sure to use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. So, you will need 3500 KBPS of video bitrate. (Uploading speed per second). Alternatively, you can use some reliable cloud services, which are handled by good-quality servers to upload high-quality reels such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. If you choose this path, first, you should upload the reel to the cloud service. After that, upload it on Instagram through the cloud service.

Does Instagram Support 4K Reels? 

4k is the latest resolution for digital cameras and PC graphics. However, you are not able to upload 4k reels on Instagram since the maximum video resolution on Instagram is 1080 × 1920. Even though you upload a video in 4k resolution, the application itself compresses it vastly through the Instagram Compression Algorithm. So, the result will be a low-quality, blurry reel. Thus, if you shoot a 4k video, first you have to convert it into a compatible resolution to upload on Instagram.

How to Convert 4K Video to Instagram Compatible? 

If you want to upload a 4k video on Instagram without losing its quality, adhere to these steps. Instagram itself does not provide a feature to convert a 4k video, so first, you will have to download a video converter that facilitates converting videos into 1080 p. today, we will help you with the app VideoProc Convertor.

  1. First, you should download VideoProc using PlayStore or Apple App Store.
  2. Then launch the app and tap on the ‘video’ button on the main interface.
  3. You will see ‘+video’; click on it to import the video you want to convert.
  4. Next, you have to select the output format of the video. Scroll down the interface to find the tab called ‘video.’ Then you will see a list of formats. If you cannot find the format you want, click on ‘target format’ and access more profiles.
  5. Use the ‘Codec option’ to adjust the parameter. After that, you can modify the resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio.
  6. After the editing is done, you can tap on the ‘browse’ button to choose the destination folder.
  7. At last, tap on ‘run’ to start the transcoding.

How to Upload a 4K Video to Instagram?

You cannot directly upload a 4k video on Instagram, but if you turn the video into an Instagram-compatible format, you can upload it following these steps.

  1. Click on the ‘+’ at the bottom of your Instagram profile.
  2. If you use an iPhone, click on ‘library’ to select the video. Android users should click on ‘gallery.’
  3. Click on ‘record’ to record a video and stop when you are done.
  4. Finally, click on ‘share’ to post the video.

Why are My Reels Blurry on Instagram? 

 One of the reasons that have been listed below may cause to blur your Instagram reels.

  • If the Wi-Fi connection is not stable at the moment, the reels do not load successfully, so the reels can become blurry.
  • In case the data saver mode is on, the photos and videos become blurry because there is a lack of data.
  • If you upload a 4k video on Instagram, the application compresses the video quality to its standard resolution, 1080p. Due to the compression, the reel blurs.
  • And if the content is too long, the application reduces the quality of the video. The maximum file size is 650MB and 10 minutes in time.

How Do I Change the Resolution on Instagram Reels? 

The standard resolution on Instagram Is 1080 pixels to 1920 pixels. If your reel is not created within that resolution, you should enable the option called ‘High-resolution media.’ In order to find that, open the Instagram app first. Then at the bottom right corner, you will see the profile tab; tap on it. Next, click on the ‘hamburger menu.’ After that, click on ‘settings’ and go to ‘accounts.’ Then click on ‘cellular data usage.’ After enabling ‘data saver,’ ‘high-resolution media’ will be activated. Thereafter, you do not need to worry about the resolution of the reels.

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