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Is Hinge Boost Worth It? (Is It Worth the Investment)

Hinge is a dating app which allows you to find the best match for your preferences. So, if you are going to try the “Boost” option on your Hinge app, you might question yourself, “Is Hinge boost worth it?” What if you find a perfect match from the boost? You can’t say it isn’t worth it, right? So, it is upon you to determine if the Hinge boost is worth it. I’ll provide you with some facts to get a clear knowledge about Hinge boost and solutions to your other questions in this article.

What is Hinge Boost and How does It Work?

Your profile becomes more widely visible thanks to Hinge Boost. Other users won’t know when you have activated the boost feature. Here is how you can activate your profile’s “Boost” option.

  1. Open the app and go to the “Likes” tab. The “Likes” tab is the tab in the middle, and it is symbolized by a “heart.”
  2. There you can see the option “Boost” next to the word “Likes.”
  3. Click on it, and you will see prices for the boosts as one boost, three boosts, etc. Also, you can buy the “Superboost” also.
  4. Purchase the boost for your preferences.
  5. You will see that the time is displayed on the “Boost” button. That says your “boost” is active!

If you receive a like with a small lightning bolt by the side of the name of the person, it means that you get that like from boosting your profile. And if a like becomes a match for your profile, you will see a lightning bolt on the profile picture of the person under the matches section or in the “chats” tab.

What are the Benefits of Using Hinge Boost?

From a boost on Hinge, you will receive more exposure to your profile. And this will cause giving you more benefits.

Your profile will be reached by more people, and you will receive more likes from them. If you haven’t found the best match for you yet, the boost will make that dream come true. Also, you will find many friends that match your vibe. If you don’t like to date a person, you can build a friendship with them.

Additionally, a Hinge boost gives more likes to your profile, and that can gain more attraction for your profile even when you are not using boost.

How Much does Hinge Boost Cost?

The cost of Hinge Boosts can be varied on the number of boosts you are going to purchase. Generally, one boost costs about 9.99$, and getting three boosts at once will cost you 8.99$ each. When purchasing 5 boosts at once, the cost will be reduced to 7.99$ for each.

And for a Superboost, it costs about 20$. Therefore, use your brain and select the best option for your affordability.

How Much does Hinge Boost Cost

What is the Best Time to Boost on Hinge? 

You have to do the boost in peak hours. This means hours when the app is busiest with users! Here’s a pro tip: Use your boost on Sunday evenings!

On Sunday evenings and nights, people are usually busy with their smartphones, and some are on the Hinge app. So, using your boost at this time will make your profile visible to many users. Also, Friday and Saturday evenings are also perfect for boosting.

Researches show that most users are active between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Between these hours, you can see many people are available online on social media platforms when compared to other days and hours. Weekends are the days that most people take their week breaks.

And keep in mind not to use your boosts on Tuesday or Wednesday. Many people will not be online during those days. So, don’t waste your time and money. If you try the boost on Saturday or Sunday evening, you will receive more likes, and you will see that what I said was true!

Do Hinge Boosts Expire?

Yes, they expire. A regular boost will last only for one hour. When you are purchasing the boosts, there is a note for the users with information including the time of the boost and the number of users that your profile will get visible.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a super boost, you will receive more time than a regular boost. A Superboost will last for 24 hours. So, if you are using a Superboost, it is better if you activate it on Saturday night or Sunday morning rather than activating it on Sunday evening.

By considering the price, affordability, and value, you have to choose whether you want a 24-hour boost or just an hour-long boost.

Is Hinge Boost Worth It?

Many people think that using a boost on Hinge is a waste, while others do not. So, the answer to this question depends on the person.

People are saying that the boost is a waste of money because a normal boost lasts for only an hour and costs nearly about 10$ for one boost.

According to my examinations, the value of boosts depends on the optimization of your profile. If your profile is attractive enough to get noticed by the users, you will gain the maximum value from a boost.

You can receive many likes, and many users who match your vibe will try to get interacted with you.

To increase the chances of a match, try the following tips:

  • Put an attractive photo for the main picture. This is what most people notice first. So, it should be attractive.
  • Provide answers to the prompts which are unique and full of excitement which will attract readers’ minds. Avoid giving short answers, or people will think you are not very engaging or social. Therefore, it provides that will express who you truly are but more attractively.
  • Add more beautiful and new pictures to your profile.
  • Get advice from your close friends by telling them to look at your profile and give you honest feedback on your profile.

When you are confident about your profile, spend money for a boost, and you won’t say that it is not worth boosting your profile once in a while!

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