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What are Removed Apps and Users on Android? (Updated Guide)

You might notice removed apps and users in the Internal Storage, occupying space in your Android smart device, not allowing you to download apps, and notifying you of excessive Storage. You might be uncertain about what are removed apps and users on Android and why it is bothering you so much with notifications. If you are here to find answers, the good news is you are at the right place. Because in this article, we will explain all about removed apps and users on Android. Keep reading the article till the end and stay updated.

What are Removed Apps on Android?

Removed Android apps are no longer being used in your Android smart device because it is either uninstalled or disabled from your Google Play store account connected to Gmail.

When you usually get notified with a removed app or user message on your Android device, the data in the uninstalled and deleted apps are not removed consecutively. Hence it remains as data in your phone and occupies space from the Internal Storage.

How to Check for Removed Apps on Android?

Since Removed apps occupy space in the Internal Storage and continuously notify your Storage, it cannot be very pleasant after a limit. Because excessive Storage slows the performance of the phone, making it less efficient. As a solution, clearing the removed apps on Android can help to improve the situation. But you will first find out where apps are removed on Android.

There are two ways you can check for removed apps on Android, and you can follow the steps below to locate the removed apps on Android.

The first method to check removed apps on Android is with Google Play Store.

  1. First, open the Google Play store on your Android devices and sign into your account.
  2. Click on your profile in the top corner of the screen
  3. Select Manage apps and devices from the list.
  4. Go to Manage, and below, click on Installed, and select Not Installed from the drop box.
  5. Scroll down the list and find the removed apps, and reinstall to get rid of the data.

The second method to check removed apps will not need the internet, but this method is only applied for disabled apps in Android.

  1. Open settings on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down to select Apps or Applications.
  3. Select the app that needs you need to activate.
  4. Now select Turn on from the bottom of the screen, and your app is no longer disabled.

Why are Apps Removed from Android?

As previously stated, the primary reason to get rid of the removed apps on Android is that it occupies space in the Internal Storage.

When the Storage is full on your devices, it tends to slow down the performance.

Apart from heavy Storage, some might have disabled applications as a temporary solution not to use them. But, if you don’t use the disabled applications, you can get rid of them as you won’t need them any longer.

Can Remove Apps Be Recovered on Android?

Once you delete an app you no longer need from your Android smart device, you won’t be able to find the same application again. Hence you might ask can removed apps be recovered on Android.

Unfortunately, applications on the removed apps can fall under two categories; they could be either deleted or disabled.

If the app is deleted from your smart device, recovering the applications is impossible; instead, you must download the application again from the Google Play store. But if the app is disabled, you can check with your applications and remove the disabled icon to Turn it on. But, as previously stated, you can find your previously deleted apps in your Google Play store account in the Manage section.

What are Removed Users on Android?

The removed user on Android is the Gmail account in your android device that is synced to your apps, contacts, setting, photos, etc.

If the user account is removed from your  Android device, it deletes all the synced data from your phone, and you will lose your contacts, apps, and photos linked to the removed user.

How to Check for Removed Users on Android?

Once you have removed the user from your Android device, the account will remain in Gmail, but the user is not synced to the phone. Hence, if you want to know how to check for removed users on Android,  follow the steps below.

  1. Open settings on your mobile.
  2. Select Google and click account.
  3. Once you click the account, the emails in the phone will drop down.
  4. Now you can select the removed user if you want.

How to Check for Removed Users on Android

Why are Users Removed from Android?

The reasons for removing a user from your Android device will differ for each person. If you are switching to a new phone, you must add the Gmail user account to your new device, and sharing the same data on both phones is an unnecessary job.

You would also want to remove your user from Android if you plan to sell your smart device, and since it is not safe to sell your device with your user account, it is better to remove it.

Can Remove Users be Recovered on Android?

Removed users can be recovered on Android if you can remember the account and password.

If not the password, you can still use a backup email account or get the verification cord to your linked mobile to change the password. But if the account is completely deleted, you can retrieve the account within 20 days only.

If you want to recover the users on Android, first open Gmail and add an account. Enter your password and Log In.


In the article, we have primarily discussed, what are removed apps and users on Android to give the readers a better understanding of the topic? The articles further relate to insightful topics where we discussed how to check the removed apps and users, the recovering method, and why apps and users are removed from the Android device.

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