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What is RMB Button on Keyboard? Here’s What It Does!

RMB, also known as the Right Mouse Button on the keyboard, is used for various operations when using the computer. But most users underrate it because the work done by it can also be done with the right click on the mouse. However, you can make use of that button when you have issues with the right click on your mouse. What is RMB button on keyboard? Here, let’s discuss what the functions are and how we can use the RMB on the keyboard. And we will see where it is located on the keyboard as well.

What does RMB Stand for in Relation to a Keyboard?

RMB stands for “Right Mouse Button” on the keyboard. It is exactly the right-click button on your mouse.

You can use the RMB button for various functions, including getting the contact menu lists and toolboxes when working on your computer.

RMB is a much-needed button on the keyboard when you don’t have a mouse. If you don’t have a right-click button on your touchpad, trackball or TrackPoint, you can make use of your RMB on the keyboard.

What is the Function of the RMB Button on a Keyboard?

Mainly, the RMB on your keyboard is used to get the context menu list in a Windows environment. You can use this button on the desktop to create new folders, zip folders, etc. Also, it gives you the opportunity to refresh the window and sort the items in a folder as well.

You can use the Right Mouse Button wherever to place you need to right-click the mouse button. It will help you to find multiple tasks, including paste, cut, copy and more.

What are Some Common Uses for the RMB Button on a Keyboard? 

In this section, let’s briefly discuss what are the common uses of the right mouse button. That will make you understand clearly what the RMB is on the keyboard.

  • Open the Context Menu on Any Window: You can use the RMB key when you want to open the context menu; to paste something you have cut or copied before, refresh the window, add a new folder, a document, etc. and personalize your desktop themes.
  • Edit Something on a Document: Also, you can edit, cut, copy or paste text on a document by pressing the RMB key.
  • Scroll on a Window: Press the RMB key, is you can scroll down or up on a scrollbar on any window.
  • Open a File in a Different App: RMB allows you to select an app to open your file if the default app is unable to perform as you wish.

So, you can say that the right mouse button provides additional tasks or information on anything you have selected.

Use it when you want and make the most of it. who knows? You will be able to find more tasks to perform using the right mouse button key!

How does the RMB Button Differ from the Left Mouse Button

How does the RMB Button Differ from the Left Mouse Button? 

RMB differs from the left mouse button mainly because of the tasks they perform. Following is a comparison between the right mouse button (RMB) and the left mouse button (LMB).

Right Mouse Button (RMB) Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Allows to open the context menu. Allows to open, select and drag the objects.
Can select different tasks from the context menu. Can do only specific tasks.
It can use to refresh a window when it is stuck. It can use to refresh a window if only there is a button to refresh on the window.
Allows to interact with anything indirectly. Allows to perform only some tasks directly.

Is There a Shortcut Key or Button on the Keyboard for the Left Mouse Click?

No. Currently, there isn’t a shortcut key or key on the keyboard for the left mouse click on the mouse. We can adjust the mouse properties in the control panel. There, you can set a shortcut key for the left click on the mouse.

Where is the RMB Button Located on a Keyboard?

RMB is located at the bottom row of the keyboard keys. You can find the right mouse button on the keyboard below the right “Shift” key, at left to the arrow keys and the “Ctrl” key and right to the “Windows” key. There is no RMB button on a Mac keyboard. Instead, you can use the Control key for functions like opening a context box or you can press “Shift + F10”. It is the shortcut key for the RMB!

How do I Click RMB on my Keyboard?

There is no specific way to click RMB on your keyboard. The list of functions it provides varies with where you place your cursor.

  • If you want to open, copy, cut, delete or rename a certain document, application, file or any other object, you have to press the RMB on the keyboard once after selecting the relevant object.
  • If you want to scroll down or up on a document or on a window, you have to place the cursor on the scrollbar and press the RMB on your keyboard.
  • And if you want to personalize the desktop theme, add new objects to the desktop or refresh a certain window on the computer, just press on the RMB, placing the cursor on a blank space of the window.

What is the Shortcut Key on the Keyboard to the RMB Key?

If you don’t have the RMB key on the keyboard press “Shift + F10” on the keyboard. That is the shortcut key to it!

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