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Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon? Best Places!

Nowadays, many consumers turn to Amazon gift cards for anything from Christmas presents to graduation treats to yearly incentives. The object you want may not be available on this e-website, or you might prefer to have cash on hand to use for needs like payment of household expenses, so getting one isn’t something quite beneficial. You might be wondering where else you can spend Amazon gift cards if you’ve got one but can not find what you’re searching for on Amazon. You are presented with several possibilities, although they are rather constrained, given that Amazon gift cards may only be used for Amazon services and items. So if you want to know where can i use amazon gift card besides amazon, read the article completely. Let us begin.

What Exactly are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift card is a card that holds a value that can be redeemed via Such cards are available in a number of fixed values beginning at 1 USD Customers may purchase them from stores to use themselves or as gifts for beloved ones. Gift Cards can be used for billions of qualifying products and activities Amazon gives. Recharges, payment services, and vacation arrangements may all be made with Amazon Gift Cards in addition to online purchasing at Amazon.

When you use an Amazon Gift Card for your profile, the earnings are saved in Your Profile and will seamlessly apply to your subsequent qualifying transaction.

Where Can You Get an Amazon Gift Card?

The most convenient and straightforward approach to buying Amazon gift cards is online, straight from Amazon, specifically given that you can choose to email, print, or send the voucher as an electronic card. You may buy it for yourself or gift it to someone as you wish; it will seamlessly work in both situations.

If you choose the print-at-home alternative, you may input any dollar figure, even as little as $5, in addition to the fixed quantities of $15, $50, $75, or $100. Also, Amazon provides adorable card packaging options, like a tin decorated for the holidays. Additionally, several grocery shops and establishments sell Amazon gift cards, such as 7-eleven, best buy, BreadBox, food city, kohls, and so on.

What Can you Do with Amazon Gift Cards?

Users may purchase a variety of items on Amazon’s webpage and other Amazon offerings, such as Kindle, Prime, and Amazon Fresh, with Amazon gift cards. Every amazon service will accept gift cards from amazon. Nevertheless, Real Food products, Audible, fuel stations, and other stores do not accept Amazon gift cards as payment.

Purchase a Prime Subscription

Spend your gift card to purchase your Premium Account if you frequently purchase on Amazon. It will provide you with a lot of benefits. Users can get a membership to Prime Day, which is Amazon’s biggest annual shopping festival, and receive free delivery on all purchases, which might also be delivered on the same day.

Purchase Any Goods Available on Amazon

Purchasing items from Amazon is the simplest method to utilize your gift card. Often visit Amazon in case you are trying to find a particular item. It could be less expensive, and/or you might be capable of paying with a gift card. The gift card will pay off the bill or cut an amount off the bill. Usually, items arrive quickly, and if you’re not a Prime member, shipping is free for orders over $25.

Amazon Kindle

Use the money from your Amazon gift card to purchase extra books for your Kindle if you are a bookworm. Additionally, you may use your gift card to sign up for Kindle Unlimited, giving you monthly access to a variety of books.

Amazon Fresh

You can use your amazon gift card for amazon fresh. Amazon Fresh can bring your goods to your door in under 2 hours. You could even purchase and payout at a nearby Amazon Fresh food store without waiting in a checking queue.

Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon?

You are presented with several possibilities, although they are rather constrained, given that Amazon gift cards may only be used for Amazon goods and services.

Market on Online Marketplaces

There are online stores that allow you to offer and purchase various goods from buyers directly. ebay, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, etc. include in this list. However, dealing on eBay is far safer and more secure than on other buying or selling platforms like Craigslist. Additionally, because of eBay’s extensive customer base, it is simple to locate a buyer.

Marketing on eBay is really straightforward. Simply post your items and provide an initial offer, and you’re done. You can sell your gift cards easily by offering your Amazon Gift Card at a reduced price.

Trade Amazon Gift Cards for Money

You may sell your gift card for immediate payment on a number of platforms, including Gameflip, Gift Card Granny, and Clipkard. There are a lot of other websites too.

Gift cards are typically sold for 2-15%, a little under what they were originally worth. Therefore, you may anticipate paying around $90 in cash for a gift card with a $100 value. However, it is somehow more worthwhile than ebay or craigslist. Additionally, you shouldn’t be concerned about your identity since these platforms are quite safe and carefully check each member.

Purchase Gift Cards for the Google Play Store or the Apple Store on Amazon 

This option is suitable if you frequently send cash for video games, videos, ebooks, applications, or podcasts on Google Play or the App Store. Instead of paying your money, You may use your gift card to buy coupons for the Play Store or the Appstore on Amazon for the value of your gift card.

Get a Web or Application Membership

Employ your Gift Card to buy the membership for preferred streaming platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and so on. and utilize them to cover your membership costs.

Exchange for Bitcoin

Buying in Cryptocurrency may be started by utilizing your Amazon Gift Card. Transforming an Amazon gift card towards Bitcoin sounds like an appealing method to employ these gift cards for an individual who frequently deals in bitcoin.


You may nearly acquire everything in exchange for your unopened Amazon gift card. Pricing on sites would be a smart move, or spending it on a subscription service. In contrast, buying gifts for your loved ones is a straightforward solution. If not, Amazon vouchers are always useful since they never expire.

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