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Why are my LED light strips flickering? – Causes and Fixes

While LED lights are renowned for bright lighting and less energy consumption, they are very commonly hit with different blinking issues in the light. We understand how frustrating and troublesome this can be. You are on the right page; if you are constantly wondering and asking yourself, “why are my LED light strips flickering.”

We will help you determine the cause of this bugging issue and help you actively resolve it. 

Although light flickering in LED strips is common and annoying, fortunately, we have several simple solutions that can help you fix the issue and get back to regular operation.

In this article, we will walk you through all such simple solutions and list all possible causes of flickering lights in LED strips. 

Get ready to find the culprit and get rid of it. Let’s get right in. 

Is it Normal for Power Strip on Light to Flicker? 

Yes. It is normal for power strip on light to flicker now and then. They have the tendency to do so. However, do not always take it lightly and let it be. 

There can be several reasons behind this occurrence, all of which have simple and handy solutions. So you are in the safe zone.

We will break them all down for you as we move further into the context. Stick around to not miss out on any. 

Can Flickering LED Lights Cause Damage? 

In short, yes! Flickering LED lights can and will cause damage if the issue isn’t identified and resolved. 

Although it is common for LED lights to flicker, the causes can vary, and so are the results. If the lights are left to be even when blinking, it can lead to a fire explosion. So it is a bad idea to take it lightly and leave it as it is. 

They can stir up many problems related to electronics and your health. 

Being under flickering lights can cause various health hazards, such as headaches, eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, etc. 

So once you notice a flickering LED light, turn off the light and fix the issue. It is a red flag. 

Do all LED Lights Flicker? 

Yes. All LED lights tend to flicker under different circumstances. 

Blinking is an expected aspect of LED lights. 

So being educated on the causes and fixes will help you resolve the issue and be in the safe zone forever with convenience. 

Why are My LED Light Strips Flickering? 

LED lights can start flickering as a result of many causes. 

Let us break down each of them in detail to identify what is causing the LED light strips at your home to act up. 

  • Faulty LED drivers 

In a LED light strip, there are two types of drivers: the constant voltage driver and the constant current driver

The constant current LED driver is responsible for better functioning in the p-n junction of the system, while the constant voltage LED driver ensures continuous DC supply to keep up the performance.

If either of the drivers is found faulty, the LED lights will start to flicker. 

  • Loose connection 

Loose or poor circuit connection is one of the most common causes. If the wires are loose, the interruption in the electricity supply will cause flickering in the light strips. 

  • Faulty wiring 

For electrical connections to work flawlessly, the writing should have been done perfectly.

If there are loose ends at any point in the wiring system, it can cause fluctuation in the electricity supply, leading to several issues. One such issue is flickering lights. 

  • Dimmer switch incompatibility 

If the dimmer switches are not fully compatible with the LED lights, it can cause problems with the lighting. The light strips will flicker when switched on. 

  • Debris accumulation in the bulb socket 

If left unattended for longer periods, dust and other debris can accumulate in the socket and interrupt the electricity flow. Under such an instance, the lights will flicker as a result. 

  • Wattage surge 

If the LED lights are connected to a circuit that supplies a high amount of electricity to a different appliance, the wattage will have rapid surges. 

Such surges can fluctuate the current flow and wear out the drivers in the LED lights, resulting in flickering light. 

Why are My LED Light Strips Flickering? 

How to Fix Flickering LED Lights? 

We are fortunate that all the above-stated problems have simple solutions. 

Let us look at how we can fix the above-explained issues effectively. 

  • Socket inspection 

Inspect the bulb socket and ensure it is debris-free. 

In case of dust accumulation, please properly clean the area and attach the bulb tight by screwing it in properly. 

The problem should resolve if the issue is socket related. 

However, if the issue is associated with a burnt smell and sparks, it would be best to contact a professional and get their help instead of you attempting, as there can be potential hazards. 

  • Proper connectivity 

If the problem results from a loose connection, figure out the loose ends and ensure they are tight and sound. 

Dealing with the writing system is a bit risky, and you wouldn’t want to get yourself in if you are not well educated on how to and how not to deal with the problems. 

Call a professional to resolve the issues safely and properly. 

  • Tighten the cord 

Remove the bulb and tighten the cords by twisting the wires together. A loose cord is a likely culprit for flickering lights.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please replace the bulb with a new one. 

  • Replace the drivers 

If the current driver or voltage diver in the LED is worn out or damaged, replace them with new ones to stop the flickering in the strips or bulbs. 

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It is common for LED light strips to flicker. There can be several reasons for such an annoying occurrence. However, there are also several simple solutions to resolve the issue easily. You will need to identify the cause and fix it accordingly. 

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