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Why Is My Airpod Beeping After Getting Wet? Silencing the Beep

A groundbreaking set of wireless earphones, the Apple AirPods Pro has swept the globe. They are ideal for receiving calls, and enjoying music or podcasts, thanks to their noise-cancellation technology and stylish appearance. They can be harmed if left submerged because they are not entirely waterproof. Why is my Airpod beeping after getting wet?

Feel better knowing that you are not alone. In this article, we’ll talk about the dangers of water harming your AirPods as well as what you ought to do if they begin to beep following being in liquid.

What Does Beeping Mean?

Airpods are a cutting-edge product with superior audible features, which are wireless hearing aids with a smart Bluetooth connection. Even so, it could eventually have problems; one of them involves a high-pitched tone that resembles a beep.

Although beeping noises aren’t overly loud, consumers won’t want to put up with them because of their grating intensity as well as pitch. These strange beeping noises, which can be annoying even while the audio is on hold, require a quick remedy to stop if you can still hear them.

Why Is My AirPod Beeping After Getting Wet?

Although they are moisture and sweat resistant, both the AirPods as well as AirPods Pro are neither sweatproof nor watertight. The AirPods you have may beep to alert you when they have come into contact with liquids of any type.

The major danger of water harming the Airpods Pro is the fact it can cause interior damage to parts from moisture exposure. When using or charging your Airpods Pro, you may hear a loud beeping noise, which is the most typical sign of this.

This often denotes an internal short circuit inside the device brought on by moisture contact. It’s crucial to act quickly if you notice this sound if you want to stop additional damage or functionality loss.

Here are a few explanations for why your damp AirPods may be beeping.

Water stains

The most frequent cause of AirPods’ beeping after becoming wet is harm from water.

The AirPods’ internal parts may become damaged by water, which might result in problems or beeping noises.

Increased moisture

The AirPods you’re using may be partially submerged under water, yet moisture accumulation inside the earphones can still produce beeping noises. This can be particularly true if you use your AirPods in wet or humid conditions.


The AirPods’ battery compartment may experience a short circuit due to moisture, which might result in beeping noises or other problems.

Apple designed the smartphone with a warning buzzer. The Airpod Pro is attempting to alert you to the presence of water within it. Getting the standing water away from there is necessary if you would like the beeping to cease.

Could Water Damaged AirPods Be Fixed?

Sadly, water damage is frequently irreparable and cannot be repaired by an Apple expert. Even if you manage to dry them out and get things working again, it’s conceivable that the level of sound may be subpar, or the battery life will be shortened.

Could Water Damaged Air pods Be Fixed?

How Can I Repair Water-Broken AirPods?

AirPods should never be submerged in water. Put the AirPods on an even, dry surface after removing the remainder of the liquid.

A clean, lint-free towel can help you dry your damp AirPods

Wipe out extra liquid off your AirPods. The ideal material to use is a microfiber cloth, which includes those found in screen washing kits or eyeglass washing kits. To remove liquid from your speakers, you may use a cotton swab, but be careful not to push too hard, or you can damage them.

Activate the Water Eject option

The Water Eject button may be downloaded from Routinehub. Utilizing a low-frequency bass voice, Water Eject may drive the extra liquid through AirPods speakers in addition to iPhone/iPad loudspeakers if the AirPods are attached to your Apple device.

Visit for more information. On your smartphone, choose Get Shortcut, then select + Add Shortcut on add the item to the collection of Shortcuts. Next, hit Water Eject under My Shortcuts, after which you may start the shortcut by tapping Begin.

Although this tool isn’t a genuine Apple product, Reddit’s Apple community and other online discussion forums strongly endorse it. If necessary, keep doing this until sufficient water is blasted from the little speakers.

Give the AirPods time to dry thoroughly

Before putting the AirPods again in the battery case, let things dry. Put the AirPods outside the direct sunlight if they’re on a dry, sunny afternoon to hasten the process.

If otherwise, any region with low humidity will do. Before using your AirPods once more, wait a couple of hours for them to dry thoroughly.

Pick up some drier or silica sachets

The silica gel sachets that are included with medicines and other devices might keep your AirPods from breaking. A desiccant, like silica gel, might come to your aid if you suspect that your AirPods still contain moisture.

Put the AirPods within a container that can be sealed and has a desiccant

This circumstance is perfect for using a plastic bag or a fresh, reusable food receptacle. Before using the AirPods, let them sit in the container containing the substance that dries them for between twenty-four and forty-eight hours.

Repair the AirPods you have if they have water damage

As soon as your AirPods are completely dry, try using them. The speakers may require being dry a little bit longer if they sound far away or warbled. Retry in a day or two after giving the drying process some more time. You may either get your AirPods replaced or serviced by a company authorized by Apple if they’re still not functioning correctly.

Can I Get New Air pods To Replace The Ones That Are Beeping?

Normally, Apple will repair your AirPods if they are still under warranty. If an AirPod beeps due to a hardware issue, such as a faulty battery, Apple could offer free replacements. You will need to shell out for a new pair of AirPods when your current ones are no longer covered under warranty. Should you want to swap out the present AirPods, you may do so via Apple or an approved retailer.

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