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Why is My Arlo Not Recording? (Easy Fix Guide)

Did you purchase your house security camera system from Arlo and detect that your cameras aren’t working fine? There might be misunderstandings between systems which may cause issues. So, let us see, why is my Arlo not recording?

What is Arlo?

Arlo is a surveillance camera that offers householders various capabilities that are quite advantageous when safeguarding their assets and children. An agreement is not necessary with it, and both are made to be followed by the house owner. You may save your recordings for whatever amount of time on the company’s online storage, which is accessible. Regardless of whatever option you select, the devices from Arlo provide a more extraordinary video appearance.

Why Isn’t My Arlo Cam Recording?

The Arlo devices were created with broadband connection in mind, thanks to recent technological advancements. This makes it possible for individuals who own cameras to check them at any moment of the day from any location using a computer or mobile device. How would you respond if your device wasn’t capturing? This tutorial will assist you in determining whether your Arlo sensor isn’t capturing and demonstrate how to solve it if you are experiencing this problem with your Arlo surveillance system.

For a number of different reasons, Arlo devices could not be captured. The necessity to change the cells might be one of the causes. Arlo’s broken communication with the wi-fi may also be a factor. Look in the menu of the application or cam to see if Arlo is filming and seek for the green signal. Switch out the batteries or reboot the device if it isn’t filming. Make absolutely sure you see an active internet link and that your network is set up correctly if Arlo isn’t communicating with it.

If the Arlo Sensor isn’t capturing, there are several options you can try. Initially, check to see if there are any network problems and if the equipment is set and oriented correctly. Whether the problem persists, investigate if there is anything blocking the path. The last option is to reset your Network adapter.

How to Resolve the Arlo Surveillance Device’s Shooting Problem?

Try the following suggestions to solve an Arlo surveillance camera that is not capturing appropriately:

Verify the Orientation and Synchronization of the Arlo Cam

Some individuals try to set up their own Arlo devices but frequently fail to do it correctly. Numerous issues, including the camcorder not capturing, may result from this. You must first verify your broadband and internet access before examining where your Arlo sensor is located. To achieve the greatest outcomes, ensure it is placed and oriented correctly.

For the Arlo devices to work properly and capture a greater scope, the elevation above the floor must be higher than the recommended range. Furthermore, it’s critical to realize that Arlo devices work better for monitoring a greater scope than employing the same device.

Inspect for Networking Difficulties with your Arlo Device and Access Point

If the Arlo device isn’t capturing Also, you may test a few different things. Ensure all wires are connected to the sensor and communication system initially. In the event that still doesn’t fix anything, try verifying wi-fi access. Unplugging all the cords for a short amount of time can be helpful if that doesn’t assist. Finally, but not minimum, ensure sure you have a trustworthy internet connection.

As another step, ensure your Arlo device is appropriately linked to the Access Point. Communicate the electronic items with a separate ISP if you experience network problems among devices. If not, you might need to get in touch with Arlo maintenance for more help.

Inspect to See If Anything is Blocking Your Arlo Device

When there are impediments in the scope of vision, your Arlo webcam or any additional security equipment might not be operating effectively. Panels, ceilings, branches, and screens are a few typical instances of impediments. Attempt to position the device to capture the area perfectly and in precise detail.

Verify the Power Supply

By opening the application and selecting “Battery Performance,” you may verify Arlo’s power consumption. If the device’s battery capacity seems to be running short, you must either recharge the device or buy new cells.

Additionally, confirming that the cells are properly fitted into the device is crucial. Furthermore, getting a new battery as quickly as it begins to fail is critical. Last but not least, the cell has to be changed every six to twelve months for maximum results.

Rebooting Your Network Adapter Could Help

If the Arlo device is not capturing, there are several options you may do. Relaunching your network adapter is among the easiest methods you may attempt. You may also verify the application’s state of charge and health if that does not function.

Attempt to Reboot Your Arlo Device

The final piece in resolving any performance glitches is to reconfigure your Arlo sensor. By doing this, you may begin again and have all of the default setup erased. After rebooting, if you continue to have problems, make sure to contact Arlo Care for more help.

Why Doesn’t the Arlo Collection have Any Tapes?

Try these diagnostic procedures if your Arlo Gallery is empty of videos:

Examine the current state of your membership. For the device to capture, you need a current Arlo Protected membership or seven days of free Data storage. To see if your membership is involved:

  • Click on the Arlo Software to get started.
  •  select Settings
  • and go to Membership

Verify whether the device is a component of a current Arlo Smart membership.

How to Switch the Device to Arlo Protected Membership:

By simply dragging and dropping the device into the Arlo Secured Package menu while holding it in place, you may reposition the device by touching or selecting the three lines to its top.

By doing this, the sensor will be positioned higher and added to the Arlo Professional program.

Try signing out and logging in again after using the Arlo Private Application.

Verify the webcam is connected to the internet.

 If the device isn’t working, go to: What should I do if my Arlo device shuts down?

Verify the Collection to determine if any restrictions have been implemented.

  • Select Archive
  • Select either Item, Filter or both.
  • And choose Everything
  • Verify the Regulations and Configuration settings.


You may identify the issues with the Arlo surveillance by using the methods and procedures indicated earlier. Suggest calling Arlo for assistance if you continue to have issues with the device’s visual or movement-capturing features.

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