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Why is My Switch Fan So Loud? Solving the Mystery!

The world of entertainment has paved the way for modern technological advancements through various devices, including the Nintendo Switch, which turned into a great hybrid video game console manufactured and designed by Nintendo. Since its origin in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been an uncontrollable flame that has spread worldwide. However, the more it spread, the more people realized that the device was far from perfection, with its fan screaming like a gorilla in the wild. “Why is my switch fan so loud?” is a question that must be directed to discover solutions within the words of this article.

How to Identify Abnormal Switch Fan Noise?

The abnormality of a switch fan can be identified quickly with the precise identification factors given to the hand. Thus in this segment, we will be discussing how to identify the loud noises of the switch fan, which will be completely different from the regular noise that a fan would make inside a device.

The noise of the faulty fan could easily be identified as it begins from a simple white noise that will suggest you take a look earlier on. However, extended use and other reason could worsen this noise to a very annoying loud noise.

The white noise will eventually build up to become an abnormal noise that will passionately resonate with a howling or a growling of a wild dog or the mythological wolf in your head. Thus make sure you hear the normally low-key noise of the fan; if not, you might have to get the switch to an immediate check-up.

Moreover, this noise is not normal, and one should not use methods that are not recommended to reduce this noise. This sound could worsen up to the loud noise of a hair dryer compared to the size of the switch itself.

Is It Normal for My Switch Fan to Be Loud?

What is the regarded normality of a fan? A fan is supposed to cool down its perimeter while preventing the device from blowing up into flames.

However, any normal fan does come in with a hint of noise. Though there is noise with the excitement of gaming and the other environmental causes, this noise does not stand out like a bomb in the desert. Thus the noise becomes normality for the ones who are gaming. This noise can be made out of just the flipping of the wings of the fan and the wind created artificially.

Moreover, the blow of this wind could also create a subtle howling noise which is considered normal, along with the occasional shutdown of the fan.

However, what is not considered normal is the noises of a growling bear coming from a functioning fan. Thus it is evident that the switch fan is not supposed to be loud as a bomb on the deserted island.

What Are the Common Reasons for a Loud Nintendo Switch Fan

What Are the Common Reasons for a Loud Nintendo Switch Fan?

Now that we have clearly discovered the difference between the normality and abnormality of a fan sound, it is time to discover why the fan would be howling like a growling bear while you are gaming and when you are not. Thus here are some causes behind this annoying sound effect,

  • Overheating of the Nintendo Switch

Overeating of the switch can be done very easily by overworking the switch as the body heat also could be transferred into the switch. Thus the fan must function strongly to cool down the overheating, resulting in a loud noise.

  • Accumulation of Dust and Debris in the Ventilation Windows

If you accompany a messy persona, this will notify you to add cleanliness to the daily routine, as the dust and debris booking the ventilation slots will make the fan sound like a wild elephant.

  • Utilization of Unauthorized Dock

If you have been entertaining yourself with an unofficial deck, this will be the telltale sign to transfer your deck to an official one the Nintendo offers.

  • Outdated software.
  • The intensity of the graphics of the games.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Multiple connections on the dock.
  • Hardware problems

How to Silence a Loud Switch Fan?

We have now discovered the possible reasons for your fan to sound like a crazy dog on the loose. Therefore we must get to know the solutions as well. Therefore in this segment, we will announce some of the best-suited solutions to reduce the sound of the fans. Thus, buckle up and pay attention to the procedure you will have to follow later on if the opportunity performs itself.

  • First of you could consider cleaning the Nintendo Switch. For that, you will have to dismantle the switch pieces individually. When cleaning, DO NOT use any liquid; if any liquid remains, the moisture will eat up the switch’s internals. Use q tips with a slight stride to clean the inside, including the ventilation windows.
  • You could consider using a compressed air can, which will also take out the dust and debris. When performing this, ensure that you do not provide the compressed air into the switch directly, as the pressure could damage the internal circuits of the switch.
  • The easiest solution to the issue is to use an external fan which will be easier to get your hand on and t mantle. You can simply set up the external fan and use it.
  • The most serious solution includes performing an emergency operation on the switch where you must replace the existing fan with a new one. For this, you will have to dismantle the entire switch, remove the existing fan, and put back a new one. We advise you to leave this solution for the professional if you are not confident in your tech side.
  • Moreover, we recommend switching the Nintendo screen to a larger screen like a TV which will help to reduce overheating.

Can Intensive Gameplay Increase Switch Fan Noise?

The switch fan increases its noise with the overheating procedure as the fan is an inbuilt feature of the Nintendo Switch to cool off the interior architecture.

However, as we have mentioned above, overheating the device could be done through many procedures, one being the extensive usage of the Nintendo Switch. The more you play, the more the Nintendo Switch gets heated up.

The switch is an analogy of the human body in which the colder parts attract the heat from the warmer parts.

Thus the switch, when in contact with warm human hands, attracts all the heat from the hand into its body leading up to overheating. Eventually, to cool down the overheated switch, the fan gets louder.

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