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How to Turn off Downtime on Apple Watch? [Easy Fixes]

If you are an early bird who has scheduled your daily workouts in the crack of dawn, you will soon realize that your recently purchased Apple watch does not support you in reminding the time. This is because of the downtime feature that allows the users to use the workout app after 7 A.M. How to turn off downtime on Apple watch? If this is the most troublesome question that gives you nuts, we have got the ultimate relief for you. 

Apple devices are manufactured with the default downtime of 10 P.M.- 7 A.M. the next morning, allowing only selected apps as per the choice of the owner to stay active. Phone calls and messages are not interrupted in downtime. The downtime feature is a hit for parents who need to limit the screen time of their stubborn children, as it will make them access only the assigned apps. The passcode option is there to ensure the limitations. Every downtime will be announced five minutes prior to the starting time. 

How to Turn Off Downtime on Apple Watch?

Downtime is essential even in real life for everyone to re-energize, engage in personal activities like hobbies, move with family members, etc. Similarly, the downtime in Apple devices allows only a few apps to work and thereby makes your work more accessible in a selected time period with fewer interruptions. There is no fear of missing some urgent thing as you can always allow the required apps to stay enabled during that time. When you buy the Apple watches from the store and enable the screentime, you will see that it has also turned on the downtime. 

How to turn off downtime on Apple watch? If you are having a tough time with the default settings, do follow these simple steps and turn them off. 

  • First, you have to go to the settings app of your Apple watch. You will be directed to the home screen when you tap the round button that appears with the time. You have to select the gear-shaped settings icon there. 
  • Then from the list, you have to select screen time
  • Now, you will see the downtime option. Touch on it and select it.
  • You will be shown an on/off switch. You can switch off downtime there. 
  • If you need to use downtime again when you are having meals or having a rest, then you can follow the same route to the toggle switch and turn it on by a simple sliding. You are also provided with the opportunity to set the time settings needed to apply daily or for specific days. The overall time during which the downtime activities could be changed according to your preference. 

What is Screen Time on Apple?

With screen time, you can manage the time the screen is allowed for your family members and restrict communication using the apps. Here you will be able to turn off the location and restrict the purchases and downloads from the App Store for any other who uses your phone with or without permission. 

If you need to control the screen time on your Apple watch when a family member uses your device, you can follow the steps we have described below. 

  • First of all, go to the settings app. 
  • There you will see the screen time option. You have to turn it on. Next, go to app limits and proceed with the add limits option.
  • Now you can select the categories you want to restrict. All the apps under a selected category will undergo the changes you do to the screen time. The list of the apps will be shown when you press on each category. If you want to select only the desired apps, you can do it here. 
  • After that, continue the process by tapping next
  • Now you will come across the time settings. You can select the required days when you press on customize. 
  • After the category and time are all set, touch on the add button to save the changes. 
  • When your apple watch is with you or whenever you need to remove the limitations, you can follow the same route and remove the category or the relevant apps and save the changes. 

How to Access the Screen Time of Apple Watches from your iPhone?

For this, you must have the Apple Watch app installed on your phone. If you haven’t got it still, download it from the App Store. Then follow this guide below. 

  • Go to all watches from the app. 
  • Then select family watches
  • Next, go to the screen time settings and turn on screen time. 
  • Now, you can change the desired time phases, and apps need to be limited accordingly.
  • Save the changes, and the control of your family watches are now in your hand. 

How Does Set Always Allow Apps on Your Apple Watch?

Apple has provided you with the chance to select the list of apps that you never want to use with limitations. If you want an app for all-time use, go through these steps. 

  • Go to the settings of your device. 
  • Select always allowed category from the screen time option.
  • Now you will be displayed with all the apps on your device, and you must mark the required list with a plus mark. If you already have a list there, you can remove the unwanted apps by touching on the minus sign. 
  • You can also change the contacts that are always allowed in the communication here. You can select from my contacts or add new contacts. 

What is the Purple Hourglass on My Apple Watch?

It says that you are in the do not disturb mode. This does not mean that you will not receive notifications. You will receive those as usual, but you will not be informed of it from a ringing or even the lighting of the screen.


If you are currently dealing with downtime issues on your Apple Watch, this article will show you the exact way to get control over the downtime settings. 

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